Saturday, March 25, 2006

Minor- To Mid-Range Nausea

I think the main reason I hate UConn is the fact that I witnessed the bandwagon go from a Camaro on blocks in the yard to a Rolls Royce up close, having been born and raised in Connecticut. Actually, that metaphor doesn't make sense. Because the people who got on when the vehicle was crappy should get credit, whereas none of the people I grew up with should get any. (Barring a couple of my friends who actually attended the school.)

It seems like that school was a joke until the day the basketball team gained popularity. Then, all of a sudden, everybody had the perfect excuse to get a gray or blue "Connecticut" sweatshirt. And as people's "love" for "their" Huskies grew, so did my hatred.

Also, my dad taught me to not like UConn for some reason.

So seeing their basketball team win a couple of times has been rough, especially since the other team could have put them away. Some of these teams would be better off with me on the court. Because at least I wouldn't be careless out there. Terrible job by these kids and coaches.

It's funny, my friend, Jon, who I've known since elementary school (pictured, sitting between ref and event staff guy) has such a prominent position in the Big East now, he sits at the scorer's table at all these NCAA tourney games. He's in DC now and will be at the Final Four. He literally has the best seat in the house, at center court. At one point tonight, they showed the ref reviewing a play on a little TV on the sideline, and my friend is sitting there, on screen for quite a while, and the ref is pointing at him and talking, like "Get me the correct replay, Jere's friend from elementary school!" Chan (who has known him since high school) and I got a real kick out of watching him do his really important job--in our living room, and in front of a live national audience. (Here's the part where your average blogger would put in some lame phrase that's obviously a joke that only his or her friends get. I wouldn't do that to you. Besides, how would I work the phrase "water bucket" in anyway? Come on.) has done a serious ticket "dump," as they're hilariously called. Up to four seats are now available to ALL Sox games, except for the one weekend series, which is, of course, the one I really want to go to. It actually gives you the option now of entering "4" for the weekend games, too, but then it says none are available. But that might mean they will be added soon. Or that they all got nabbed already. Check it out for yourself. Seems like late-week is their time for dumping.

I remember watching UCONN in the days of playing Hofstra University in Division 2, in the '70s.
DFYankees running a Ticket Dump is weird; Their Premium Games are Red Sox Series & Mets Series.
Listening now to "The FAN" & hearing that DFYankees have no soft spots in their lineup, there will be a problem as this is the time that DFYankees have 2 members(& maybe more) of Team BALCO, like Gary "CREAM of The Crop & In The CLEAR" Sheffroid & Mr H.G.H. GiamBALCO. Sheffroid is in a foul mood over his contract & will dog it; As Shortstop for the Brewers, in the AL, he did "The Pooch" routine there;
As Jam Master J Sterling might but won't say,
"Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK."
One Consolation about UCONN's Coach, Jim Calhoun:
DFYankees asked him to throw out the 1st ball @ YS;
Graciously, he declined as he roots for "The Olde Towne Team."
Jim Calhoun is Boston through and through. And Jere, your friend has such a great view of the game. But isn't HATE too strong a word for your feelings towards UCONN? I thought those feelings were only reserved for the Yankess. I've been a fan since before the national notice, too. Sort of like being a Bruce fan before BORN TO RUN (pre '75). There were some of us, mostly in the Boston to Phlly corridor. Boy, were we right about him! Have a great weekend.
Sorry, Peter, this CT boy hates the UConn basketball team. It's sports hate. Like how I hate Notre Dame, the Lakers, the Giants, the Knicks, Duke, the Raiders, etc.

The hatred of the yanks, that's a whole different level indeed.

And as I've said before, I did root for the Tate George team a little in 1990, because they kind of came out of nowhere. But then I thought everything would go back to normal: UConn being a joke in terms of sports teams. But they became a powerhouse, and having never had a connection to them before they got good, I didn't feel I had the right to, nor did I have any desire to root for them. (Even though I technically could've used the "this is my home team" excuse.)

Plus, my dad went to Fairfield and my mom went to Central Connecticut, so those are the teams in CT I already rooted for. When they get good, well, that will be something. Fairfield did have a little run, though, in the late-80s, with AJ Wynder, Timmy O'Toole, Ed Gulden... this was back when the MAAC tourney was at the Meadowlands, and I saw them win it there.

But, yeah, I respect Calhoun for his anti-Dunbar stance, and any UConn fans from pre-1990.
Jere. You have to come up with a test question to see who the legitimate UCONN fans are, something analagous to the question you ask so-called Yankee fans: Who was the shortstop before Derek Jeter? Ask Dad, he'll have a good one, no doubt.
I could come up with a couple, but it would take the fun away from your son. Hi there, by the way.
Nothing could take the fun away from my son, dear Peter.

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