Monday, March 20, 2006


In honor of Bronson, I've selected two of my video stills of him. The first one, from Cooperstown, NY, is funny because he's spitting, and it almost looks like he's spitting on David Wells.
And this one, from the night of the concert at Fenway, is good, too, but also funny because Theo is being interviewed by someone who appears to be Phil Hartman.

These are great pictures, Jere, thanks for sharing!

How cool is it that you were at the Cooperstown game and the Fenway concert - and I was too?

How many times have we been thisclose to meeting each other?!
Yeah, weird. Check out my archives for lots more pics. Glad you enjoyed them.
That DOES look like Hartman. Woah.
And what's crazier, a guy who looks like Hartman making a face like Hartman.

"Ice, crack, boom, pow..."

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