Sunday, March 05, 2006

Marcus Welby?


"I'm just looking at the situation we have here, I think we're a better team this year than we were last year," said [David] Wells, who won 15 games for the Red Sox in 2005. "If you're going to go out on top, you might as well do it with a team you feel good with."

Can you be any less enthusiatic, David? "Might as well"? Not the words you want to hear from one of your starting pitchers going into the season. In fact, I'm going to call him "Mightas" Wells from now on. I'm surprised he didn't say "I will play, albeit reluctantly, for the Boston Red Sox in 2006." Was he in a recliner when he said this stuff? Did he even have pants on at the time? Why are we always trying to trade Manny when he says he wants one, but we couldn't get rid of fat boy? Now we're stuck with him. At least I've got a year of "getting used to" him at this point.

Has anyone used "Pokey being poky" yet? Apparently, Reese has been cut from the Marlins for not showing up. But he is okay, and apparently it had to do with family issues. Pokey's had a lot of bad luck in his family life. Hopefully things will work out for him. If he does retire, the Red Sox should definitely give him a lifetime contract doing something for the organization. Let him phone it in if he wants.

I got to see some of the Saturday game up in NESN territory. Was sweet, let me tell you. Good to see familiar faces and hear familiar voices.

I don't think he's that type of "bubbly, outgoing, gushy' type of guy. Let him show his heart on the mound, with 2 sound knees.
I never said I expected bubbly from him. But can he pretend to be excited at least? I think he's just a big wuss who could handle Dunbar fans and thought that made him the toughest, coolest, bad-ass metal dude in the league. Then he got to Boston, where fans actually pay attention, and we freaked him out. And he needs to get over that.
I'll take him (short term-1 year) over Bronson Annoyo and his lack of concentration, any day any way.
I find that comment ridiculous.

Bronson's a young pitcher with a lot of talent who wants to play in Boston. And just because he actually plays guitar instead of just collecting a thousand of them, doesn't mean he's any less determined or more distracted than Boomer. Again, nobody tells Tim Wakefield that his charity work is getting in the way of his pitching. You can play guitar and still be a successful pitcher.
Ridiculous, Peter. Ridiculous.
Does that mean bad job? Gee, it's tough to argue with you. But it's my gut talking, not my brain. If there's one thing I am, it's honest in what I type. And Friday's comin' up quick! (Changing the subject) Take care.
I never mentioned his off the mound activity, such as a musician. I think he lacks focus ON the mound. It doesn't come from playing the 6 string. It's his make-up.
I think it's a ruse from Wells a bit. Ups his trade value.

They could, however, start the year with Papelbon and Arroyo in the bullpen and deal whichever of Arroyo/ Wells/ Clement would get them the most return.

For what it's worth, Arroyo could have a really rough year this year in the starting rotation. His K rate plummeted, and he had a real issue with LHH. It could be flukey, but K rates are good indicators of future success/ failure, and Arroyo's went the wrong way in a bad way last year.

That said, I don't know how any of us could judge his focus on the mound. You don't get to where he is in life losing focus on the job, I think.
I'm just sayin' I'd gladly choose Arroyo's future over Wells' final year.

And Peter, I thought you meant "focus" in the "guitar" sense, since a lot of people feel that way about him. I apologize.

I think he's a great asset to this staff, starting or relieving.

BSM, I saw you wrote about the Chappelle movie and refused to read it. I want to go in fresh! This Thursday. Then I'll go back and read your review.
Jere- don't blame you re: reading about the movie. Definitely avoid it, cos there are a few things you should see fresh. And "Firestorm"s a hell of a picture.

I too would take Arroyo's future over Wells' because, as Beatrix would say to David- "bitch, you don't have a future."

But since it's a fluid commodity, personally if I could get more for Arroyo trade-wise than I could Wells, I'd be fine with keeping David for one year and getting the better trade return. Remember- David doesn't have a future, but he comes off the books after this year. So that's a plus.
Still! Still!

I think there's a better chance of Bronson becoming great than David having a really incredible year this year. Either way, I hope if they're both here, they both have great years.

I need to own the Kills Bill.

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