Monday, March 20, 2006


Something that got lost today: Mike Mussina 4 IP, 10 ER, 12 H, 4 HR.

Even .248 career hitter could have hit him today, heh heh.

I saw his line this morning. HAHAHA, Mike. I know you're better than this, but with half your fellow rotation members on or about to be on the disabled list, I do have to pause, and smile and jump around and look forward to the season. Thanks Jere, for pointing this wonderful pitching line out. And congrats on your big day. Maybe someday I'll get as many comments as you, but I love the writing part of it all. Take care.
I believe the words you're looking for are "GOOOOOO TIGERS!"
Yes, Sam, good job by the thigh-grrs. Chan and I looked for you at teh Michigan game last night. The one everyone got to see because it ran over into the WBC championship.

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