Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm Not An Animal

photo of Adam Stern and Jere being comfortable with their sexuality by Reb, September 2005.

Stern outperformed this blog's new friend, Gonzaga's Adam Morrison, on Saturday, going three for four with a double and a homer. And the pitching is settling down nicely. All the starters have done great recently. I like how two of our brightest spots are Alex Cora and Adam Stern, formerly referred to as "holes." It's like I said a while back, our pitching and defense are good enough so that a lineup with Manny and Ortiz and any seven other dudes will suffice. But we've obviously got a lot more than that anyway. Which I why I was never worried. Of course, no real games have been played yet, so we'll see what happens.

I saw the BODIES exhibition this weekend. Kind of scary. But definitely cool. It uses actual human bodies, sliced up and posed, to show you how things work and what they look like. Imagine looking at, for example, all the arteries in a body, but nothing else. They take the idea of a skeleton to the next level, basically. It was like a Slim Goodbody nightmare. They also show individual parts, healthy and not so healthy. If you smoke, feel free to go check out the black lungs. They also show bodies that are cut up so that you see all of its layers.

Then there's a room with a warning for people who might not want to see fetuses in different stages. This was the most interesting room to me. I didn't see why it needed to come with a warning. At the time, I thought, "I just came from 'cancer of the penis,' this is nothing." The pregnant woman with the front of her stomach cut off making the fetus visible is the highlight of the exhibition. No, that took second place. The real highlight was watching all the live humans staring in amazement at what's inside them.

I did read about how some people are pissed about this, because we're not told where the bodies are coming from exactly. I don't know. I don't think they're going out and killing people just for the purpose of art exhibitions. But the jokes you can come up with about that are endless, I can assure you. Think "How to Serve Man."

Quiz Omicron-kite: What the hell do I mean by the title of this post?

The BODIES exhibit I am in sympathy with those wondering where the bodies came from because once I went to a dinner meeting of the Mystery Writers of America and these two detectives gave a lecture during dinner about evidence and they used slides of a murder scene and the victim was a woman who weighed about 400 pounds so they cracked a few jokes and I,having lost my appetite am wondering, Who is this poor woman? so I asked the guy next to me who the cops got permission from to use these pictures of this dead person and he informed me that a dead person has no rights. In other words, if you say in your will that you want plugs pulled, not pulled, or that you want your remains thrown into the sea, whatever, no one is legally obliged to respect your wishes since you're dead.
"Quiz Omicron-kite: What the hell do I mean by the title of this post?"

I'm guessing it's a reference to The Elephant Man', which also involved a human being as an exhibition. In that case, live, of course.
Yeah, the dead should be respected. Personally, the more mutilated my body gets, the better the chance I don't suddenly wake up and find myself in a coffin. Although I learned how to get out of that situation from Kill Bill. So, for me, people can do whatever they want with my body parts, as long as they don't charge anything for them.

Hey, are blog comments legally binding?

AJM: Really, really good answer. Not what I meant, though. Keep thinking. And when you're out of ideas, keep googling.
I was going to say the same thing as AJM.
I guess it doesn't matter if blog comments are legally binding since we don't have to respect your wishes on the matter anyway, if you are dead.
Oh, right.
You know, I finally googled this, and came up with the name of a BBC animation show...which I doubt is what you're referring to. I got nothing, unfortunately.
Yeah, that's not it, either. I'm gonna do another post which will include the answer when the Arroyo thing calms down.

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