Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My mom mentioned on Imus. Click on that link and scroll ahead to the 11:00 mark of Imus' interview with CT senator Chris Dodd. Dodd plugs my mom's book!

Chris Dodd is a good man. But I cannot listen to Imus, that turkey necked a-hole. Congrats go to your Mom.
If I listen to a morning talk show, it's Imus. He did always have the advantage of being on the all(except for him)-sports station.
I have never listened to Imus, but that's great news for your mom! I finally just started the book (got sidetracked by a book given to me by a friend) I'm loving every second of it! Go Jere's Mom!
You're Mom is Iman! Wow Ijere! And to Mary Ann, of course I'm only joking. Do you love your shirt? I'm getting mine, said to be lucky, tomorrow. Wow, it's lucky before I even put it on. It was blessed by Reb.
Germs and all. I wonder if they (the germs) liked it? And Reb, I'm trying to be funny. Germs cannot stay alive without a human host for more than a few hours, unless you've gone to Africa, or New Guinea lately. Let me know if that is the case. If not, see you tomorrow.
Sounds like my "Must-Read" Book;
Ahhh, the literacy of Red Sox Nation-NY!
Hey, Jere's mom here, beside myself, naturally. Here's a related story from Jere's past. He came home one day to tell me he heard me on the FAN. Turns out, there was an ad for John Irving's book, Son of the Cirus, and they quoted from my review of the book that had appeared in the Boston Globe. Jere and I drank to that one (a Coke, naturally).

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