Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gyro Might Be Real

The seeecret pitch.

Hey, how come I'm seeing an ad for the new Mets channel, SNY (Sportsnet New York), on dirtdogs and on Royal Rooters? Is there local internet advertising now? Or, has there been for a while? Does the internet god know I'm in New York and give me the New York-related ads? Or is everyone seeing these?

Either way, this is one of the many reasons I don't put ads on my site.

I just saw the ad for Sportsnet New York on Dirt Dogs, which is owned by the NY Times Company.
Years ago, WWOR Superstation was seen in The Boston Area & the Mets are not the Object of Scorn, which DFYankees are & I've seen loads of people from MA & RI in Shea Stadium, so it's a good move by the Mets Network to put on ads on Dirt Dogs.
The Internet god does know where you are. Your computer broadcasts an 'address' and it usually contains a general location, unless you've got it blocked.
So, do people care? I mean, what if it just starts putting ads for the yes network on Royal Rooters for people reading it in NY?

Personally, when I started my blog, there were automatically google ads on there, and hen I saw some were "Buy Yankees Gear here," I flipped out and wrote them, and they took care of it. (And shortly after, blogger stopped making people have the ads anyway.)

Obviously, it kind of works to have a Mets ad on Sox sites due to their anti-yankeeness, but still. A NY network that claims to be "all things New York" on Red Sox sites. You'd think the owners of these sites wouldn't stand for it. (Specifically Royal Rooters--redsoxnation.net. Dirtdog is driven by cash so I'm sure he doesn't give a crap.)
They are google ads. I've never even paid attention to them. I didn't even see they were there, but if they are being based off I.P. my guess is the majority of the Royal rooters staff hasn't seen them seeing as they aren't based in NY area.

I'm sure if you put a post in comments/suggestions/etc forum it would prompt a discussion, and it would be looked into.

I do know the google ads are helping to pay for the dedicated server costs we have. I'm not sure how they work, but I don't think we have any control over what pops up on them.
You can't miss this one. It's a big banner ad for a regional New York sports network right there on two popular Red Sox sites. I see a different google ad on there, in text-style, which is "Get a free Renteria jersey!" Those are the ones that know what's being written about and put an ad that matches the content.

When this happened with my blog, I contacted them and asked if I had an anti-Nazi site, would there be ads that say "Get Nazi propaganda here!", because I was saying the word "Nazi" a lot?

Here is the link to when I blogged about it when it happened:


They responded and took all ads off my blog. So, maybe you should do that over at Royal Rooters.

This just brings up more negatives about advertising. To have it is one thing, to "have no control over what will pop up," well, that's borderline dangerous.

Here's a far-fetched example. A casual fan comes across Royal Rooters, sees the ad for the SNY network, goes there, starts tuning into the network of "all things New York," becomes a Dunbar fan, starts giving them his money, and they get just enough so they decide to get somekey player down the stretch, and they end up beating us to the playoffs by one game. Let's at least know who we're shilling for, people.
I'd post about it on the board but I hardly ever get a response to things I talk about on message boards.

That's why I started this yap-factory.
Oh, and Edmund, I hope that didn't sound like I was blaming you for that ad in any way.

Also, if anyone does click on the link above, know that it was from March of 2004, and the fiance mentioned is no longer in the picture!

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