Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't Blame Bronson

Fat shit Wells gives up six in the third.


"Tavarez then connected with a punch, and players rushed the field."

In other words, no surprises from Ft. Myers.

Yeah, we have too many pitchers lyin' around. Keep the old, shitty, and psycho ones and trade the rest away for platoon outfielders with magical, mystical upside and potential.

Isn't it weird how I was, like, the one Red Sox fan who thought everything was fine in the first place, and then once they started making moves that everyone seems to like, I became more pessimistic?

believe me you're not the only one
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Jere- maybe wait until Spring Training is over to judge the results of the trade? Wells is only making his second spring training start. Meanwhile, Arroyo gave up 6R in like 4 IP his first Reds start, which was something like his 5th or 6th of the spring.

Trades can go bad. Doesn't mean they weren't a good idea when they happen.
Just seeing the Rays put up such a big number in one inning off Wells made me think of something I didn't bring up enough in the Arroyo debate: How Wells is considered so much higher than Bronson on the pitching totem pole, especially being 12 years younger. And I really think Wells' temper and Tavarez' temper could be big problems, that we wouldn't have had with Bronson, who could have filled either of their roles.

Plus, regardless of everything else, you're just not going to get me to like David Wells. I gave it a shot last year, but I just really can't stand that guy.

And, as I was getting at in my last line there, I'm not just some guy who doesn't like what the team is doing in general. I've been behind the FO 90% of the time, it's just thst this whole Bronson thing has just thrown me out of whack with the them, I guess.
Instead of worrting about stuff like the long-gone Arroyo, it should be mentioned that Sox pitcher Julian "Freddy Krueger" Tavarez PUNCHED Joey Gathright IN THE FACE during a game yesterday, as he was attempting to score. This guy is crazy, and I'm not sure if that's good or not.
Look again. My main point of this post WAS the Tavarez thing, along with Wells pitching crappily. It all just seemed to confirm my original feeling which is that we had a dude who could start and relieve, and Wily Mo aside, look at what Wells and Tavarez are doing, temper and shittiness-wise. I stand behind this post.
Tavarez is trouble. Who does this kind of thing? Who?! I don't know what good any of these new pitchers are going to be if they wind up sitting out a bunch of games because they've kicked the living shit out of the opposing team members. I think Riske is shifty, too. SHIFTY!
Bronson gave up a whole bunch of runs the other day in his first appearance with the Reds. Substituting that performance for Wells's yesterday wouldn't have changed anything.
Except that we could say, hey, at least this guy is nearly FOURTEEN years younger than Wells, won't throw a shit fit if we ask him to go to the bullpen, and won't get suspended uring the year for pissing on the commissioner's desk or something.

These things ARE important.
And I really think Wells' temper and Tavarez' temper could be big problems, that we wouldn't have had with Bronson, who could have filled either of their roles.

Right, but we have pitchers as good as or better to fill Wells/ Tavarez's spots if need be. So it's a moot point. That's why we were able to trade Arroyo- because he was the one with the biggest risk of implosion, was still attractive to a pitching poor team, and we got a promising young player.

Nice confluence of events, and we still have pitching coming out our ears.
I shouldn't have even brought Bronson into it. I'm more worried about Tavarez and Wells. And, yes, I agree we do have a lot of pitching and we'll be fine.

I'm just all hung up on some clown from the SIXTIES, man!
TaverASS, after a Piazza Homer, uncorked one into Piazza's Head. This dude has issues.
I mean TavarASS

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