Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dear Ticks

Want to go to a game at Fenway, spend $85, and sit in a sweet loge box seat (by yourself)? Go to Looks like somebody's credit card got declined. Or, they got a divorce or something and gave up one of their two loge box seats for the entire year. It's available for just about every game, except for the Mets series.

You could also pick a game, by the loge seat and a standing room, and split the cost with a friend and each spend half the game in the sweet seat. I'm just throwin' suggestions out there.

Also, no takers yet on Mets ticket trade offer. So, the offer again is: I give you one unobstructed infield granstand section 15 ticket to sold-out Mets-Sox game at Fenway on June 27th. You give me any two tickets together for any weekend game at Fenway. Email me. Thanks.

[Edit: The Marlins have scored in each of the first six innings, and lead 8-1. Hanley Ramirez is 3 for 3. Oy.]

[Edit: They tacked on runs in the seventh and eighth for a 12-1 win. Impressive in any baseball game to score in every single inning. Just glad this wasn't one that counted.]

It's Key-Rock your honor, and honestly, I don't understand your uber-modern bartering ritual...I give you two tickets and in return you give me one ticket? Am I missing something here?
Go down a few posts to read the original offer. But, basically, the Mets series is really hard to get, the ticket I'm offering is going for almost 200 bucks, and I could only get one, so I'm trying to trade it for two tickets to a game I can go to that's not on a weekday, since I live in New York. So, like, say, 2 bleacher seats to Texas on June 10th would be the same face value as one Mets infield grandstand, plus the fact that the Mets tix are going for a lot more.

I realize that if you have 2 to some game, you wouldn't want one to another game unless you haven't decided who to take with you, or you just say screw them, I'm going to the cooler Mets game by myself.
I guess my bigger concern here is for your fascination with this Mets game. Can we talk about that for a minute? You seem to want to lionize the '86 team. Now don't get me wrong- I was born and raised in Brockton and my Red Sox pedigree is without question (and parallel here in my current abode in DC). But I refuse to allow 20 years of revisionist history to make me misty over the team that crushed my baseball loving heart when I was 10. Oil Can was a whack job, Jim Ed couldn't score from second (twice), apart from Hendu and Baylor we had little clutch hitting (and Baylor on the bench while Greenwell struck out- unforgiveable.) and Johnny Mac made Grady look like goddamn John McGraw. So anyhoo, my point is this: 20 years later, I'm still mad Stapleton wasn't in the game, I'm still mad Clemens got yanked (or asked out), and I still hate Gary Carter's perm. And Keith Hernandez's mustache- he's the real chucker as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for getting me all upset all over again...

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