Friday, March 17, 2006

Crazy Night

Zags win!; Mustache goes nuts and then slams ball into head repeatedly; I'm catching up to Reb's cats in the pool; good thing they picked the Orangemen because they are Orangecats; I thought they were a person, didn't know they were cats; I decided to do a Morrison lookalike with him and that cartoon eskimo from the scene in Pulp Fiction with Christopher Walken; then found out WCSG was doing one with him and Jack Black anyway; US loses; Jeter runs to clubhouse at end; not a team player; A-Rod notices this and stands in Jeter's place on top step to get airtime; plan works, as many websites show his face instead of the face of any winning Mexican; photos stolen from yahoo; yahoo doesn't know how to update NCAA pool standings; lady at work thought I was a Jewish dude named Jeremy who speaks Yiddish and just returned for from Israel; said I look Jewish; 1:00 AM; bedtime; need to restore energy for more rooting for teams way too hard for the 28 bucks they may get me tomorrow.

Did "Dora" (A-Rod Spelled Correctly) have his Prada Milan Bag with him?
Was watching SNY's premiere;
It does NESN Proud;
It isn't like HN, home of Yankess.
Happy St Patrick's Day;
I'll be marching with Queens County Board of AOH;
Will be wearing Green Turtleneck & sporting a Boston Red Sox Cap, the new favorite cap of 5th Ave's Parade.
I don't know that I've ever seen a player assault himself with a basketball quite like Morrison after the rebound.

I love that A-Rod can't even get a championship via a different competition. The look on his face was both familiar and satisfying.
Way to go, Michael!

WC: So funny how in this tournament, where dora the ex-slapper earlier acted like he'd "made up" for previous shortcomings (aka chokes) with his seeing-eye game-winning single, he still didn't even make it to the semi-finals.

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