Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beth, What Can I Do?

In a stunning turn of events, Sox-blogger and Jere-nemesis Beth has plugged my mom's work. In that post, at the top, in the 1980 section, click on her link about the Hartford Circus fire. You'll be sent to a page which talks about the fire, and lists some resources. One of those resources: The book Masters of Illusion by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith. My mom.

Interesting, Beth talks of being born in 1980 (my favorite year), and mentions it's the same year as Reagan was elected, and the same day as the fire, which took place in 1944. My mom, who wrote the book about the fire, was born in 1944...on Ronald Reagan's birthday. Weird.

Anyway, all of a sudden Beth is, albeit inadvertently, plugging one of my mom's books, writing about Nine Inch Nails, being born in my favorite year...what's going on here? Next thing I know she'll actually link to this blog! Eh, no chance. She won't even see this anyway. You could print this out and hold it right up to her face and the words would disappear into thin air, because I wrote them.

My Mom, at 17, was AT the fire..needless to say, she made it out alive. WOW.
What's the back story with you and Beth? I've never heard this before...
I don't understand! Is there some subtle feud here, or what? I find both of you quite amicable.
Yes, Jere...let's hear the story. Inquiring minds want to know.
Let's just say that I'm Aqua-Man to her woman without gills.
You have empathy with giant squid and the ability to withstand great atmospheric pressure???
Can we at least put in a good word for you? A fellow Sox-blogger really should not be your nemesis.

And the Aqua Man reference went right over my head.
Well, BSM could tell you this I'm sure, but, what I was referring to was a line by a certain comic-book store owning character from American culture who followed that line with "You're from two different worlds!"

And hey, I didn't choo-choo-choose her to be my nemesis. Don't blame me. The ball is in her court. But, again, ask her about this and she'll casually say "Who's this now?" So it's not worth it. I'll always remain loyal to the rag-tag side of Red Sox e-nation and I have no need to be accepted by the more polished crew.

Now, Sam, she's like the kid in school who's cool with the popular kids, but can relate to us losers, too, and doesn't turn her nose up at us. She can hang out with us and not worry about what anybody thinks. You're probably starting to realize this is all in my head and is done as a total joke, yet with a twinge of reality. So, best not to get involved. Oh, whoops, everyone can see this, can't they? Except Beth, of course, who sees a blank white box.
This whole situation is crying out for an intervention.
Jere, Beth and I have the same "cool" ( read as non-functional-my comments are spam on her blog) relationship. And I say, " Why can't we ALL get along?" We all are Red Sox for life fans. But this? I will never understand. Include me in any interventional activities.
And Sam, you are hilarious! I think I've said that before.
I'll be perfectly honest- this is the first I've heard of the young woman or her blog. In all seriousness.

This blog wins the head to head in a landslide, though. I mean, a NIN treatise? Really?
Maybe we could hold a Sox-blogger mixer, and get Jere and Beth together over a cup of punch.
I think she'd try to serve me a cup of punch if ya know what I'm sayin'.

I did think once to propose, on paper, if not in real life, a softball game between "them" and "us." But I didn't want to impose a "side" on anyone who didn't want to get into a fight or whatever. Needless to say, I think my people know who they are, and we'd have the "bad" equipment, and the audience would be rooting for us.
Well, you could wear your Bad News Bears jersey.

By the way, is the title of this post a song title?
Title and lyric, yes.

They all mean somethin'. Hell yeah. And they've gotta be bumpin'. (city of Compton)

Everything counts.

In large amounts.

And I'm not saying anything about Bronson. Except that I'm glad he pitched well, even though it doesn't count.

I'd seriously love to hear how anyone could make you mad enough to not like them. It seems impossible in the limited amount of time I've known you.
Oh, I got a list...

There's Silva, of course. But, with him, Beth, anyone, I always give them a chance. If they miss it, hey, it's their funeral.

Oh, and you know another entire organization of peope I don't like up in the Bronx. But that's different.
I'd have to trot back and forth between both sides though, like some comically untalented Roger Clemens, only without the inherent evil.

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