Saturday, March 25, 2006

Baseball's Back

Left: Mr. Dunbar on Hell, No on TV. Right: Sox on NESN on laptop. Out of frame: An annoyed Chan.

Great image of Chan. Say hello. How do you get NESN on the laptop? I didn't know you could do that at your location. NESN coverage on there today.
I didn't know you could make it fill the ENTIRE screen. I feel so much better for you. I was feeling guilty living in NESNland, knowing there are tried and true Sox fans like you that have to rely on
Another name for Hell No, whould be FT or "F--- This."
Whoa, whoa, Peter. is still far from perfect. The buffering. The stopping. The other team's announcers half the time. The "sorry, I've disappeared for no reason"-ing. The delay that makes me not be able to talk to friends and family during the game.

And, I just hit Apple-option-+ to enlarge my screen at any time (thanks, Chan). I can assure the quality only gets worse the more I zoom in. So if you put the screen far away from you, as in the picture, it kind of works, but you can see how small that is compared to the normal size TV next to it.

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