Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All Eyes On...

The U.S. team looks to stay alive tonight in the World Baseball Classic. While the outcomes of the game and the tournament have yet to be determined, one thing is for certain: After tonight's game, all the major news organizations will show a picture of Derek Jeter, either standing there with a distant look in his eyes, saddened over the team's loss, or celebrating with another player or players after a play he had no involvement in.

[Edit: "anonymous" just informed the game is tomorrow night. So, just read this again tomorrow, I guess. The Dominican team--there's a team whose schedule I actually know.]

actually the next game is Thursday March 16th
If Japan wins their game tonight and Korea scores six or less runs...the USA is out of it and tomorrow's game would be meaningless to the USA.

Who made up these freaking rules?
I guess that would put two other teams at 2-1, and the US can only be 2-1 at best, and the runs thing would clinch the tie-breaker for other teams. Or something. Look for fishiness, then, like, umps letting Korea score more than six after they're down by nne already or something, to keep the US alive, or at least make their game meaningful.
The Dominican there is a nice healthy underdog

The Team With A-Rod, will NOT Win it. That's ANY Team with A-Rod;
Dunbar better get used to it;
I don't care how much Human Growth Hormone & Testosterone that Jason The Junkie, shoots into himself;
Ditto, Bonds!
There aren't exactly many "underdogs" left at this point, Thom. That's exactly what I was rooting for in the first round, upsets. Besides that, I'm rooting for countries I have interest in. I've talked about this before. Besides, this is an exhibition we're talking about. I have respect for a quality team that wasn't put together with money.

So you thought you'd come in with your snide remark about how I'm just like Dunbar fans who just jump on the powerhouse team. But you're totally wrong and anyone who has been reading this blog can see that. I shouldn't keep having to explain myself, but I do, just in case some other people also just read one post of a blog that's been going for two years, and actually buy your bullshit.
they don't need to buy your bullshit. The Red Sox are a powerhouse team and you and others refuse to look in the mirror and understand that

Hey Thom,

You're an asshole. But as someone who spends their time obsessing over Red Sox blogs (apparently) and not your own team's, I'll bet you refuse to look in the mirror and understand that.

Best regards.

shouldn't you be blowing Hugh Grant Devine?

better regards,

vas deferens

Cleverrrrr. Not to mention timely. Is that the best you can do? I suppose your pop culture memories stop right about where the Dunbar championships do. I fear your wordsmith wrath as much as I do the Dunbar pitching staff. But then, we ARE a powerhouse.
we? who am I speaking to? Oil Can Boyd or Spike Owen?

Remember, jealousy causes cancer!
Some of us actually have a connection with our team. Hard to relate for a Dunbar fan, I know.

But I like that you used 80s names.
yeah but the only uniform that any of you or I for that matter will ever wear is the one the company tells us to put on OR one of those over priced Starter Jerseys that make you look Ganstah yo!

-Marty Barrett

I think, without the fans, baseball is nothing. Without fans there are no Dunbars, no Red Sox, no Marlins, whatever.

There are no Red Sox without us. Therefore, in an abstract fashion, we ARE the Red Sox.

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