Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sterns, And Foster

From "In the offseason, he should become a comedian, have his own tour -- 'The Adam Stern Comedy Show,'" Cora said. "He's fun and fun to be around. And he has an energy that not only rubs off on veterans, but the whole team, and I think people appreciate that."

Stern rules. And not just because he's from the comedy capital of the world (Canada), went to the same college as me, and put his arm around me when I asked to get a photo taken with him. Well, all right, mainly because of all that. But, still, he did get a bad wrap simply because he was the guy who panicking Red Sox fans thought would be the starting center fielder because the team just didn't have the capability to get a major league-caliber player for that spot (?)

But they obviously have a lot of faith in this dude, and I'm psyched just to see him in a Red Sox uniform again.

On the other end of the Stern spectrum, I've been seeing the Howard Stern billboards for a while now, and I'm not down with him using the "black power"-like fist logo. To compare being able to say the "f" word (and making all your listeners pay extra for it) to an entire people's centuries-old plight isn't cool. I always thought Stern had a good sense of humor in general, but I've never been able to support his show. People have told me that there's more to it than the crazy stuff you see on the TV version. But when that stuff is "butthole bingo" or something, it doesn't make me want to even try the radio version. It just seems like lowest common denominator stuff. If he is a "genius," it's only as a salesman, not as a creative-type. In my opinion. He sees what sells and just goes with it, no matter who it's hurting. (I'm talking about the self-esteem of women in America.)

Went to the Meadowlands tonight. I forgot about how ridiculous NBA games are. They play some type of music or drumbeat literally on every possession of the game. I'm all for playing music in the arena and having a party-like atmosphere, but during the game itself? I would think some of the players would be distracted. Even if you like the song playing, what if you start dribbling to the beat, and mess up the whole play. It's hard to set a tempo when the PA system is doing it for you.

I guess it's an indoor sport thing.

Didn't House of Pain once rap about "indoor sports"? I think so. But they definitely said:

Holy diver
I'm a survivor
Feeling like DeNiro
In Taxi Driver
With Jodi Foster
And Harvey Keitel
Looks like I'm walkin'
Through a livin' hell

Speaking of House of Pain, at the game they also have to play a song related to the play, like HoP and Van Halen's "Jump" on jump balls. Come on, people. There was also a "battle of the church choirs" at halftime. After the on-court emcee mistakenly gave the over-the-top intro to the wrong choir, he went back to the mike and correct himself, and then we watched one upbeat choir that was pretty cool, followed by another that was so slow and old and bad, not only did people boo them, but the lights came on to try to make them stop. That was before their mikes were cut. Totally embarrassing. The dude who plays Tony Soprano was at the game as well. And it only cost $9 for a round-trip, twelve minute bus ride from the Port Authority.

Tune in next time to see if I mention Taxi Driver for the third post in a row.

I tuned into a little of the Net game, but failed to find you. And thanks again in advance for the shirt. I mean it!! Peter
As for Howard, the E! show concentrated mostly on the stripper butt stuff, but that is not a fair representation of the show. His interviews with "normal and not idiotic" people, his political commentary, and other related stuff makes him a fav. of mine. Take care Jer.

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