Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Son Of A Bush

I watched the State of the Union address on Tuesday, for my weekly dose of comic relief. I don't know if Georgie is lying or just plain stupid. Actually, I do. He's both. Still confusing Iraq with 9/11. And much of this country is still brainwashed.

People are dying every day. Innocent people getting bombed by the U.S. U.S. soldiers getting blown up. All for no reason. Not like there'd be a reason anyway.

I saw a documentary called Why We Fight tonight. Definitely stuff I already knew, as far as the current war is concerned, but it's just good that people are coming out and telling the truth. The main theme of the movie is how Eisenhower warned of the "military industrial complex." And since he left office, this country has basically kept wars going the whole time, basically depending on them. The companies that produce military equipment are trying to make as much money as possible, so they keep making it better, and the government spends way too much on it, and will start a war to be able to use it, as they send our poor and uneducated off to die under the guise of "fighting for freedom."

Or, as Chan put it, "It was like Fahrenheit 9/11 without the jokes."

Did you know that the first 50 "smart bombs" the U.S. used in this war in Iraq failed to hit their target? Those weapons designed to minimize collateral damage caused it repeatedly. In the film, they talked to a doctor who showed the records of the casualties from the first wave of "shock and awe" attacks: Housewife, child, child, young girl... He said 90% killed were NOT soldiers.

And what is this war for, anyway? They had a dude on there who talked about how the government uses a technique to make civilians think that attacking someone is a justified retaliation, when it's really not. Or, in this case, it's Bush & friends telling the public that we're getting back at the people who attacked us by attacking someone totally different (who we originally supported, armed, and helped gain power), instead of the people who really did it (who, surprise, we also originally supported and armed).

What I can't believe is how so many people, in 2006, still either refuse to believe the truth or are just so stubborn to the point that even losing thousands of their own country's soldiers, not to mention thousands of innocent others, won't make them change their minds.

There's some other good stuff in the documentary. Like Eisenhower talking about how many people we could feed for the cost of one weapon. And John McCain's huge left cheek. Stuff like that. Check it out.

//And since he left office, this country has basically kept wars going the whole time, basically depending on them. //

War is peace! War is peace! George Orwell is probably screaming in his coffin.
I shudder to imagine what John Lennon's thoughts would be for the man we call President.
As a Dunbar Fan, I find your rants comical and a lot of times w/o merit and one sided, but this is YOUR website and it's usually an interesting read. Keep your friends, but your enemies closer. I have to say, I applaud you on this post about our Prez. I didn't watch the state of the union, I would rather relive the nightmare of the 2004 ALCS than watch Bush. Bush is an ass, but he has so many people fooled that it amazes me that people actually support this guy and go to bat for him. It seems as if middle America is made up of people with two brain cells and the two brain cells do not get along. The coastal areas seem to produce more intelligent Americans, but at some point the "Red" states will have to come to their senses. Will they ever wake up? Do they still drink moonshine? I will always support our troops, but never support the justification of this dreaded and crippling war. I'll take your advice and watch the documentary you mention up above. Go Yanks, err, Dunbars!!!!
Cool. Glad we can agree on the real life stuff. Thanks for your comment.

Peter & Sam: good calls as well.
Yes, a good comment from a Dunbar fan. I'll have to write down the date.

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