Saturday, February 04, 2006

Someone Stole The Stage

San Franciso's SBC Park, formerly Pac Bell Park, is being renamed AT&T Park.

Is that about the stupidest sentence in baseball history? I am so proud our park is called Fenway Park. Say what you will about those three dudes who brought us a World Series title, but at least they never tried to change Fenway Park to American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Incorporated Stadium.

Ahhhhh, Corporate Naming Rights do make a load of money for the franchise @ the facility. The New Yankee Stadium will sell whole sections of the new stadium to corporate sponsors.
Players could sell naming rights to themselves, such as Jason GiamBALCO & Alex Rodriguez Y Pepsi, or Kevin Millar-Daniels, as in Jack.
Here's to Fenway Park--Now and forever!
Like naming Fleet Centre for 1 day, in honor of Derek Jeter, or naming Shea Stadium in honor of Roger Clemens, or having the Nazi Bundt marching through a Jewish Neighborhood, all of this is in the name of money.

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