Sunday, February 05, 2006

Safety Dance

There's nothing more humiliating in football than the safety. It's like finishing Double Jeopardy! with a negative dollar amount, making yourself ineligible for Final Jeopardy!

Not only have you failed to reach your opponent's end zone, but you were tackled in your own end zone, over 100 yards away. (110 yards Canadian.) You couldn't even stay within the field of play.

The other team gets two points, and to add insult to injury, you still have to give them the ball.

Capped off by it's ridiculous referee's sign--two hands held together aloft, praying to the football gods for mercy on your futile soul--the safety is bound to make your coach crazy.

Current odds that there will be a safety in Super Bowl XL: 6.25/1. I'm down for a ten spot. I even talked Chan into throwing in ten as well.

Come on, safety!

You have better odds betting on the coin toss, but then the payoff probably isn't as big.

Interestingly enough, the payoff for tails is greater than heads. I guess a lot of people are going the heads route.

I'm also getting 22/1 odds on Mack Strong scoring the 1st touchdown. (These are very small bets, keep in mind.)
Well, you didn't strike it rich, but the game was a bore anyways. The Pats could have kicked ass, but you're not a football guy, and neither am I for the most part. Bring it on, baseball. We are getting close.

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