Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Robotic Operating Buddies

As you may know, I am an opponent of the bostondirtdogs site for many reasons. I have tried to pull a "just don't look" on it for the last few seasons, and have done a pretty good job ignoring it here, no matter how mad it makes me, when I do go there. Actually, the only reason to go there that I can detect is to find something to be mad at. It's mainly just a news source now, linking to articles that are readily available at redsox.com or at the parent site, boston.com, only with pretty pictures and huge text.

But occasionally, the dude running the site will throw in some ridiculous thing, like his recent headline about the Red Sox having lost their personality. This was based on a fairly innocent article by Jayson Stark which basically brought up both sides of the argument.

I just wonder why dirtdog wouldn't either ignore this article or come to the defense of his own team. It would be one thing if the organization was getting robot-like players, and we all saw it, and were accusing them of trying to be more like Mr. Dunbar. But that's just so far from what's going on. Yes, we lost a few outspoken dudes, but to suggest that this team has "no personality" is pretty ridiculous.

I know, dirtdog's headline was in the form of a question. But the picture he chose of a bunch of robots suggests he feels that is what the team is like. Ironic, isn't it? Isn't that what dirtdog has wanted all along? A team of white, straight-laced, short-haired American males?

Not that I need to show you something like this to prove my point, but, maybe it will help some of you who have bought into the robot accusation (and you'll see my boy Adam Stern, the star of the show!). The Red Sox Have been so over the top personality-wise lately that it may seem like a more boring squad, but try think in relative terms. Besides, any group of dudes who playa game for a living together by default is going to have some type of wacky atmosphere. You'd have to go out of your way to make a team devoid of personality. Like George Steinbrenner has. You know, maybe that's the "genius" of George. To be able put together something so boring, so despicable together, year after year, takes a special kind of guy.

It also pisses me off how dirtdog can put the big picture up with the "holes" in center field and at shortstop, then watch as the team takes care of it, and everyone starts to get excited for the season, and all of a sudden it's "Oh, well, fine, but they're boring." Which, as I said, I'd think would make Mr. Boring himself jump for joy.

About the article in question: Let's look at how stupid Johnny Damon is, from his quotes.

"Asked if any other group could have climbed out of that 0-3 ALCS canyon against the Yankees, Damon replied: 'No chance. No chance. No chance.'"

Lot of confidence you've got in the '06 yanks, huh, John?

"As Damon watched Bernie Williams stroll past him in his new home, he observed, pointedly: 'If you do well here, they're going to keep you here.' But in Boston, he said, 'They let you walk when it's time to walk.'"

Long, frustrated sigh that you give someone who just doesn't get it. I'll let a smart person, Jed Hoyer, answer that (from the same article):

"'You have to find a balance,' Hoyer said, 'between hanging onto a guy who helped you win the World Series and setting up the Red Sox to have success in the future. ... Decisions have to be made. We have a budget. And we have to make decisions about 2008 and 2009, not just about 2006. If you always make decisions for the short term, the long term won't be pretty.'"

I like how he said "we have a budget." What Johnny doesn't realize is that it wasn't that the yanks had the most respect for him, it was that they just had more money to wast--I mean, spend.

And then we have what the article uses as its pull-quote: "The Idiots ... that's gone," said Damon... "That carefree attitude -- it's gone. And it's a shame."

Just remember this: Johnny doesn't know shit about the '06 Red Sox because he's not there. Maybe some dudes are even more likely to be loose and funny or whatever now that some of the really loud guys are gone. And, oh, wait a minute. Johnny, think about the situation. You've left a team because you feel like it isn't care-free enough for your liking? Look at where you are now, asshole! What a dick. The more he spouts off about the Red Sox--you know, when he's not thanking Red Sox fans in the paper and crying about how much he misses Boston--the more boos he's going to hear. I almost feel like A-Rod paid Boras to convince Johnny to go to New York so that there'd be another player who both Red Sox fans and yankee fans hate on the yanks. So A-Rod won't have to cry himself to sleep anymore.

F the yanks. I think their 2006 failure may be the second most enjoyable ever for us humans.

Of course the Yankees have no personality. With the exception of the occassional outburst from Sheffield or from Steinbrenner himself. there's nothing. I think he's going to miss Ortiz a lot when he gets the boom box going after a game and tumbleweeds start blowing across the clubhouse floor. Ah well, the extra money is worth it, right?
I'll be honest with you, Jere. You're a fucken cock. Your fascination with the Yanks, err, Dunbars, err, whatever name you want to give them is just going to piss you off even more after they win the AL East once again. I don't know where you get this impression that your team is so much better and is going to run away with this thing. At least if you are going to blog about the Sox, at least try and look at things rationally and be objective and use some analysis to come to your conclusions - who cares if you show a Sox bias, but at least come up with some stats that make sense and it's not about the name calling your hatred. The only thing you have fueling your anger is the abundance of Yankee fans you have living EVERYWHERE around you. You fail to look at Foulke's Buckner like knees, you think Schilling is going to come back from major surgery and win 20 games, all of a sudden Lowell is going to bounce back to 2003 form and A-Gon is going to be the 1999 version of Nomar. NO...NO...YOU F'EN FAIL TO MENTION THE MANY QUESTION MARKS YOUR TEAM HAS. Oh yeah, Beckett's shoulder and your 2006 version of Kevin Brown in the bullpen -- only he's Dominican and meaner. To you, THEY ARE BETTER....WOO-HOO....YOUR TEAM SUCKS...MY TEAM IS BETTER. I've seen more intelligent statements from a 4 year old.

I come to this site to laugh at your stupidity, but sometimes it gets the best of me because you seem a bit more intelligent than you care to let on - especially considering your remarks on this site how you'd like to enter Yankee stadium and bludgeon every Yankee fan and its players, I try and look past that but I realize you have a little Mark David Chapman in you. Funny how that showing of raw emotion came after the Yankees took over 1st place last September. Listen I'm not questioning your freedom to blog or write whatever the hell you want, but I do have the right to call you on the error of your ways. You act as if what you do is any more intelligent than BDD. Jealous one's envy...and you seem to have a lot of envy at BDD. Who knows where that comes from, but I bet your inner child needs a hug. Get over it....enjoy the baseball season and if you are going to talk about the Yanks don't act as if you know them, their culture and philosophy. The same way you don't know shit about the Sox and their make-up, other than what you read in the media. I wish you'd get yourself a girl instead of hunting down chick bloggers all over the city, "hey...I'm Jere...aren't you a Red Sox blogger too????". Your lucky she didn't call you what you are….A F'EN LOSER!!!!!! Don't underestimate your opponent or else you'll find yourself humbled once again.
"Anonymous"...what balls it takes to post all that drivel and not even be able to make up a fake friggin' name.

You and everyone like you are the reason people like Yankees fans less than they actually like the Yankees.

You obviously "don't know shit" about anything and posting trash like this to someone you don't even know just proves it.

Ugh. You aren't even worth the time. I'm sorry I wasted the keystrokes.
Jere...you're dead on about the Dirt Dogs site. If anyone actually read the Stark piece it references, they'll see that it's a pretty positive piece about the Sox and it makes Damon look pretty damned pathetic.

And as far as Yankees fans go...fuck them. On my blog tonight I posted about how in my quest for real baseball, I'm watching the 2004 ALCS on dvd and have been told by a Yankees fan that it's typical for a Red Sox fan to reference 2004 they way we used to 1918.


I can't wait until the season starts, for many reasons, not the least of which is to watch the Yankees fans get their hearts broken for the sixth season in a row.

And as far as that "anonymous" tool goes...well, you know he's just jealous because you actually KNOW real people and don't just read about them on a computer screen.

Take care.
There's nothing I love more than when a yankee fan proves my point by himself.

This one could be the all-time classic, though. It's got it all. Anonymous, the your/you're mistake, reactions to things not even close to anything I ever wrote...I couldn't have done a fake-Dunbar-fan comment any better if I tried. And the "hunting down chick bloggers all over the city" line just caps it off beautifully. I've got a new quote for the top of my blog, people.

(Cyn, thanks for the defense.)
"Don't underestimate your opponent or else you'll find yourself humbled once again."

I just wanted to pull this particular line from the cowardly anonymous Yankee fan's idiotic (but comical) rant. How ironic..that would have been good advice for the Yankees when they were up 3-0 in the '04 ALCS. Instead, they got cocky, and ended up the Biggest Chokers in Postseason History.

Oh, and the Sox tied for the AL East title last season w/95 wins. Not that it really matters.
Oh, you know he cut-and-pasted that line from somewhere else, too. It just doesn't fit with the rest of it.

I love it so much when Dunbar fans brag about tha AL East title streak in the wild-card era, as if Sox fans are thinking, "That World Championship was good, but if we could only get that coveted AL East title!"

And we know, of course, that even if we do win the AL East next season, Dunbar fans will have some other thing to brag about. I think I've said this before, but even if go on to win the World Series for the next 21 years, moving ahead of them in total titles, they'd still brag about being the "classier" team, or about having the most seasons with exactly 100 wins, or just default back to saying "1918!" Hey, why not,right? "We're the yankees, baby, we're the best ever, no pesky facts or figures are ever gonna change that."

They're like the bully who finally the shit beat out of him in front of the whole school, but comes back the next year and just assumes the bully role, assuming everyone's forgotten what really happened.
Why do these anonymous Dunbar guys read this site? Seriously, this blows my mind. When I have free time, I don't waste it reading Dunbar fan blogs, because I honestly couldn't care less about what they have to say. I'd suggest these folks do something better with their time. Try reading a book, or rewatching the 2004 ALCS.
I'm not so certain it's a Yankee fan. Notice the defense of DD, and the jealousy of DD comments. Those are classic telltale signs of a Silva Sycophant. Also remember Bdd.com at one point last year actively rooted for a Yankees win because they were going against Pedro (even though it would hurt the Sox).

BDD.com is not about being a fan. It's about driving traffic, and a small mans little pet obsessions and irrational hatred of players.
Nah Edmund, I'm a Yankee fan....so Jere, what difference does it make if I post as anonymous or with my name? I don't have a blog and don't feel like creating one just yet. I'll gladly give you any personal information you'd like if you feel the need to call me a hypocrite or dissect the Yankees or Red Sox chances. I loathe the Sox as much as you loathe the Yankees, but I'd like to think I look at the Sox team objectively. But it doesn't matter to you...I'm a Dunbar fan so I don't know shit and I'm vile human being. For someone who loathes Bush and screams for equality (hence your BDD rants and their racist views) you seem to have a problem with anyone who doesn't wear Red socks. Kinda one-sided, don't you think? At least try battling wits with someone before succumbing to mindless and sophomoric name calling. DICK! BTW, Howard Stern rules....another reason to think you're a DICK!
I'm a huge Stern fan, and am listening to him right now on Sirius. And I'm a Sox lifer fan. I'm sure Jere would welcome your comments here anytime. This is an open forum. Don't be an ass with language unless you have backup material. This was more a personal attack than anything else. Have a great '06 season, because it's the one you'll remember as the most dissapointing Yankee season in your lifetime. And I use my name here...you don't need a blog to type in a name, by the way. We'll call you douche bag, or baggie for short.
cow • ard n. One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain.

I have to agree with Pat here. Seriously, who has the available time to not only lurk around Yankee blogs, but get all bent out of shape and comment like crazy? What's worse, this guy/girl has atrocious spelling and grammar. Geez, even your average high school dropout knows how to spell "fucking." Anonymous Dunbar goes with "fucken." Interesting choice. Personally, I think this Dunbar is a Ms. Dunbar. A She-bar. Not sure why.

By the way, Anonymous, I can assure you that Jere is not without a girlfriend.
And a simultaneous post with WCG to boot! Wow. And Manny is IN CAMP, as of 9:01 this morning.
One more thing. I just noticed that that anony-bar said, "At least try battling wits with someone before succumbing to mindless and sophomoric name calling." But, then offers up: "DICK!" Previously, "A F'EN LOSER!!!!!!" and "fucken cock" were tossed out there. If that isn't mindless and sophomoric name calling, I'm not sure what is.

I'm sure the reason that anony-bar hasn't started a blog of his/her own is because he/she knows that it would be pelted with Red Sox fans leaving "anonymous" Yankee-hating comments.
The "anonymous" Yankee posts brings to mind a line in that Kevin Costner baseball film, "For Love of the Game". The best line in otherwise lackluster film (although the Yankees have a perfect game thrown at them and that was nice) was said by a bartender at an airport:

"God I hate Yankee fans!"
Edmund--also thought of the "this guy's actually Silva" thing, as one of the earliest posts I ever did on this blog was about claiming that dirt dog is really Steinbrenner. But he says he's not, so...

Let's just all remember to take it easy on this guy, as 2004 for a Dunbar fan was a horrifying experience. Not even "loser" Red Sox fans know what it's like to choke that bad.

In response to you anonymous, yes, I have said I feel the yanks won't win the World Series this year. That doesn't mean that my analysis is just that and I won't even think further about it. Exhibition games haven't even started yet. There will be baseball talk coming. I hear mainly yankee media, believe me, I will dissect them, as I've always done.

To say that I just don't like yankee fans is ridiculous. I've grown up with them as my friends, my co-workers, and in some cases, my family. I probably have more Dunbar-friends than most of the Red Sox bloggers. So, believe me, I "match wits" with them all the time. Ask my roommate and friend of 16 years, Chan, a Dunbar fan. His wits have been matched so many times they don't even exist any more.

Unfortunately it's harder to match wits with internet yankee fans because usually their point is made with every type of grammatical and spelling error, mainly capital letters, and a thousand exclamation points. Much like the strangers on the street, or the ones encountered at yankee Stadium, just one big "I'm better than you" yell in my face, end of conversation. I've tried talking to these people, I really have. It doesn't work. Because there is a huge percentage of Dunbar fans who have just latched on so they can be considered classy (?) and a 26-time champion and don't know anything about baseball. Do you think I don't follow baseball or something? This is some shit I know a lot about, dude. But this is my blog and I'll "fucken" say whatever I want. There are plenty of blogs that will give you ten-page summaries of how Paul Zuvella has fared against lefties in Detroit when the sun is shining at a 46.4 degree angle, but I don't do that because it's totally boring.

I just think you're reacting to a very small percentage of what I do, and unfairly categorizing me as something I'm not.
I think you meant a 46.44 degree angle. But to anonymous, that's pure gibberish.
"I wish you'd get yourself a girl instead of hunting down chick bloggers all over the city, "hey...I'm Jere...aren't you a Red Sox blogger too????". Your lucky she didn't call you what you are….A F'EN LOSER!!!!!!

As the "chick" blogger in question, trust me, Jere isn't the one I am tempted to call an "f'en loser".
//I'm sure the reason that anony-bar hasn't started a blog of his/her own is because he/she knows that it would be pelted with Red Sox fans leaving "anonymous" Yankee-hating comments.

this is the part I just don't get... does anyone know any sox fans who waste their time like this? maybe I need to cruise around the Dunbar sites to find out, but personally I've never considered wasting my time in such a manner. Then again I have plenty of yank fans in real life to spar with. And here has been my observation: the only true pleasure for the skankee fan is not winning (winning is expected and assumed), but the pain of a red sox fan. and this explains a lot, like the need to leave nasty comments on sox blogs, and the resentment that we're not upset over losing Johnny Damon.
No. No one has this kind of time. Except in the event that this particular anonymous blogger started a blog, is all I was saying. :)
As to why certain NYDFY Fans are "Anonymous"?
Why do they come to a Red Sox Fan page to spew their peculiar venom?
Did they have too many $9.75 Heinekens & did they fall from Club level into Main Reserved into the laps of other Front Runners?
Upon his 1st of MANY Errors, Johnny Dope, will get razzed to death by the Bleacher Creatures, who, unlike the rest of Dunbar's House, are commited to the Dunbar Team, & need to be commited, ELSEWHERE.
Perhaps, Silva is Murray Chass; after all, Boston.com is a New York Times Company.
Then again, Shaughnessy is such a disingenuous character.
Dirt Dogs may even be written by "The (Nit) Wit of 'FOX Saturday Baseball', The Incomparable & Innane Mr Timothy Mc Carver."
I never knew that mimes made noise in a rock band(09/10/05 Telecast when Olderdude Homered).

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