Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Regan National

Brian Regan will be on Letterman tonight. If you're up, give him a shot. He may make you laugh greater than or equal to one time.

While writing the above paragraph, I saw an ad for the Center Stage episode with Johnny Damon, premiering in a few weeks. (This is Michael Kay's hour-long bullshit interview television show.) If I watch that, I just may vomit the type of vomit that vomits other vomit out of itself.

I remember the first of that particular brand of vomit: I was patting your back, rocking in the rocking chair and singing the 50's doo-wop hit, "You Are My Special Angel," when you blew that feeding down my back nicking my pony tail, through the rungs of the chair hitting at least six of the rungs, and all over the carpet. Our cat, Otis, who would sit next to me when I rocked you escaped in the nick of time.
Thanks for the memory.
and thanks, mary ann, for the visual! I didn't know there was such a vomit. But surely, if anyone can induce it, it's michael kay.
Gee Reb, I though right up to the end you were going to say something else. And hi "Mom", too. Hope all is well.
I wonder if Michael will mention calling Damon's appearance the last two years a "disgrace to baseball." There are countless quotes on it.

Maybe Kay was nervous about it, and Damon came in and was like, "thanks for the words."

Anybody? Jere?
I got nothin'.
David Cross told this tremendously funny story about when he was on "Celebrity Poker" on Bravo- apparently Scott Stapp was in his group. Cross has been slamming Creed and Stapp for years hence and, long story short, was worried about whether Stapp knew of him/ heard the jokes.

So he goes up to Stapp, introduces himself, is polite, and says, "nice to meet you." Stapp looks over at him, real disgusted, and goes...

"Thanks for the words."

You gotta hear him tell it. I think it's on the "It's Not Funny" CD.

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