Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fine Day

Today, for work, I found myself on the old people's bus. I borrowed my dad's digital camera this week, and had it in my pocket. So I started shooting. Just the usual New York stuff on a gorgeous day. The Jesus H. Chrysler Building:

Here, I was trying for another shot of the Chrysler, but the bus started turning down Lex, so I held the camera out and shot randomly. Totally missed my target, but I like how this came out. The perspective is cool, like I'm standing on top of a flagpole in between lanes. Or, on the old people's bus:

While waiting for Chan to meet me at 37th and 5th, so we could look for an external DVD burner, I took this shot. It's a building. And it's lit up and stuff. And there are a tree and a bus in front of it:

Another dark one of the Empire State Building. Lit up red, white, and blue. i.e. the default colors. (But Chan suggested it's in honor of the U.S. Olympic team. That building wears it's emotions on its phallus, I tell ya.)

Finally, before Chan and I went to eat at "The Big Enchilada" (formerly "The Enchilada"--the name has grown but the portions have not!), which narrowly edged out Zen Palate, we headed over to Barnes & Noble to use their fine facilities, aka pissahs. Who did I see standing outside the door? Someone's whose face I'd only seen on the internet. Fellow NYC Red Sox blogger FiNY. At least I thought it was her. Red Sox hat, Notre Dame sweatshirt. Had to be. So my plan was to wait til she started walking away and yell "Finy." If it wasn't her, this person wouldn't even turn around, and I would be saved the embarrassment of randomly asking someone if they are someone they are not. I went through with the plan, and not only was it indeed FiNY, but she recognized me as well. Here's what the scene looked like, as seen through the eyes of Chan:

That's the east side of Union Square in the background. In the picture, if you get real close to the screen, you'll see what I like to call "that building with the cool clock." Anyway, we chatted in B & N for a while, and of course I had a book all picked out for her. Was good to meet my, what, eighth fellow Sox blogger? So weird. She was cool. Check out her blog, and maybe you'll see a slightly different picture of us taken with her camera, but also by Chan. So there's Chan stuff in both places.

The default colors on the Empire State building are white, white, and white, not red/white/blue.

Speaking of cool clocks and buildings with changing lights, the nearby ConEd building's clock can be seen on
The red, white, and blue thing was just my attempt at a shot at all those people who say that they see those colors and "chills run down my spine." I just meant that to me, it's like, "Oh, red, white, and blue. Couldn't think of anything else, eh?" I realize the ESB's lights are often just regular "light" color, when there's no holiday or whatever.

And that building you linked to, I think that's the one I was talking about. Nice job. That new map deal with the "bird's eye view" is cool. Chan turned me on to that, like he did with google maps. (Hey, why is han so up on mapping technology? Maybe he's inventing these sites for spying purposes and he's using me to help get the word out or something.) Anyway, I can use that and see my building up close as if from a helicopter hovering right above. (Which may be how they got all these shots.) Note: Only major cities have the bird's eye view option.
I thought the clock you were talking about was the flashing multi-digit Virgin Megastore clock -- the one that counts down to midnight in one direction and up from midnight in the other direction and causes epileptic seizures in between. Except now I see you're north of 15th street, so it wasn't. So yeah, it's the ConEd building.

Come back at Easter when they make it all pastel and fruity-looking.
Back? I live here. Or do you mean back to Union Square? In which case I'll be back there a million times before Easter.
Yeah, back to Union Square. Plus, the Trader Joes should be opened in the paladium by then, meaning you'll get to dodge even more food tourists.
They got a TJ's in Danbury just before I left. Good for a lot of things, I thought. But expensive, of course. Wow, a TJ's in Union Square. That will be nuts. I had no idea.

(TJ, heh heh.)
Hey Jere, I liked the FINY blog last season, and just went there today to try and catch up. Nice! I even asked her for a link for me, which I, of course, will put up for her. Have a great weekend, my friend.
The Picture is a reverse of the one in FiNY's Blog.
I like both shots, BTW.

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