Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Thing Is Back

What a week. First Theo comes back. Now this thing is back. Die-hard readers (reader?) of this blog remember how I said how I felt like the coolest person on Earth whenever me and Chan would casually walk up to this thing and start pushing it from either side until it started spinning on its base, to the delight of tourists. Tonight, we were down in that area, and Chan yelled, "It's back!" So we went right up to it, and did our little spinning trick. Only this time, some random dude grabbed a corner and pushed along with us. It was great.

It was also a very Red Sox hatty day in the city. It culminated with the sighting of an ultra-rare Pawtucket hat.

Big weekend for mom's book. Both the New York Times and the Boston New York Times, I mean, the Globe, will have a review on Sunday. Page 19 of the Times Book Review. Boston people, you'll have to leaf through to find it. That name again is Mr. Plow. (Where "Mr. Plow" equals "Girls of Tender Age: A Memoir")

We spun that bastard in college once in the winter, and I slipped on the ice and nearly split my head open.

I'm trying to remember where it is I realized it could be spun. I don't think it looks like it would spin just looking at it. Anyway- we were like cube-spinning nerds. We had to do it every time we went down there.

Very, very nerdy.
I used to read THE FANTASTIC FOUR comic books too.
And I read your Mom's book review in the Times today. Pineapple cream pie. Oh my!
ya think people spinning it all the time might have something to do with how it broke in the first place?
Yeah, the cube's been back for a couple months. Astor place wasn't the same without it.

U of M's cube.

Installed the same year. The artist went here.

Every time my dad is in town we have to go over and spin the cube (even though I now live, and have always lived, on the opposite side of central campus from it), it's perfectly mortifying.
I was in Astor Place a few weeks back, and was a little bit bummed that I didn't see it. Good to hear that it's finally back. I think the last time I spun it was like 15 years ago.

I wore my Sox cap tonight when I finally got around to seeing Walk the Line. I'll have to wear my Portland Seadogs hat around your neighborhood, Jere. I'll bet that would be ultra-rarer.
Glad there's such interest in the cube. I had no idea there was another one. The NYC one is called The Alamo.

Will look for the Sea Dogs hat. I'll say hi, as the odds it would be anyone but you would be very low.

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