Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some Pun That Uses Cell/Sell

Lately, when a person is on their cell phone, and they get in my way on the sidewalk due to the fact that they're completely oblivious to the world around them, as I pass them, I'll say "pay attention" right into their ear.

But the worst part about these people is not their rudeness or their selfishness, but the fact that when I turn around to give them a glare after I've told them to pay attention, they're still oblivious, and I don't even get the satisfaction of them acknowledging the fact that I stood up to their ridiculous behavior.

This problem isn't limited to people with cell phones. Usually violence isn't the answer, but I think that in this case, it is. I had thought the issue over carefully and came up with a solution a while ago. link
That's really funny. You could also just assumed they'll get "punched" in life. Although, by who? Since this entire generation is being raised without simple politeness and common sense, they'll all probably be rewarded for it somehow. I was also gonna write, along those lines, something like "I'm down with Gandhi's non-violent ways, but Gandhi never had somebody going 40 in front of him in the fast lane."

Anyway, good point about people in general. That's a whole different story, the people walking on the sidewalk on groups, being slow, stopping for no reason, walking four across and holding everybody up. I just brought the cell phone thing up because lately I've been noticing it on the walk to work, which is full of stupid individuals, rather than stupid groups.
I usually drop the shoulder and give them a little nudge, then flop back like a good point guard faking a charge and look at them like they were the one who knocked me over, when they're on their ass.
I remember when cell phones first became fashionable - I was slinging bagels down in Kenmore Square (1992-ish). Students with phones would come in and order their bagels while talking on the phone. If I had a question about their order - God forbid! I got the nastiest looks for interrupting their call. The same thing happened today in the cafeteria at work, except it was an exchange between the clerk and a woman on a cell phone behind me. I guess times haven't changed much.

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