Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Saga Of Mildred And Harold

After an hour with no luck in the virtual waiting room, I gave the phone a try. Surprisingly, it worked. But by that time, there were pretty much single tickets left, at least to all the weekend games. I did manage to score four upper bleacher seats to a game around my birthday.

We had to give up Marte for Coco, but, there's no looking back now. I fully support Coco and I'm totally psyched to have him. One of the first pictures I ever put on this blog was of him, from 3/26/05: Click here. You'll notice that the picture isn't there. I took it off the web and it must be gone now. It was a shot of him crashing into a wall with a huge picture of a little girl's face on it.

You can tell me that the delays with this trade were legit, but think about this:

Mildred: Morning, dear.

Harold: Good morning, did the paper come?

Mildred: Why yes, and I believe the Red Sox made some sort of trade.

Harold: Let's see here. Oh, they got that center fielder they've had their eye on.

Mildred: That's wonderful. Maybe we should go to a game this year.

Harold: Okay, let's see....ah yes, it says here that tickets go on sale this morning!

At least they got their paper!

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