Friday, January 27, 2006

Representing Or What Have You

Chris Drury may be the most famous baseball player to come out of Trumbull, CT, a town just a few miles from where I was born and raised. But, come on, what did he ever do with his life? (Besides go on to a have a brilliant career in the NHL.)

Now a Trumbull kid has actually made the majors, and he's just joined the Boston Red Sox. Craig Breslow went to Yale and pitched for the Padres last season. His birthday is about the coolest there is, if you like the numbers 8 and 80 as much as I do: 8/8/80.

Don't let the birthplace fool you: He was born in New Haven, but that's only because there's no hospital in Trumbull. Just a mall.

Welcome aboard, Craig. Hope you don't get traded immediately, making this post obsolete.

Quiz answer:

Rabbit hit the first grand slam at Fenway Park, in 1914. Dmitri hit the most recent one, last season.

Where oh where do you get those trivia queries? Jeez. Have a great weekend, and I'm mighty glad Theo is holding firm with those greedy Injuns. And that is not a mindless dig at the Native Americans. It's about the Cleveland ballclub.
I think I actually mentioned this one before on this blog, but:

I grew up in Trumbull, and Chris Drury's father interviewed me for college. Chris was just a toddler at the time (that's how old I am), and when I showed up at the Drury house his dad wasn't home from work yet; it was just the babysitter with little Chris and his older brother Ted. So yeah, I played with the Drury brothers long before their days of Olympic and NHL stardom. Good thing the interview with his dad went well, too.

I had a gym teacher in elementary school named Mr. Breslow; somehow I doubt he's related to Chris, who sounds like a pretty smart and interesting young guy from what I've read. I understand Chris grew up a Sox fan, I can say from experience that's not that common in Trumbull.

Oh, and it's now official: we're Cuckoo for Coco Crisp. Marte seems like a lot to give up, though.
Oops...I meant to say 'Craig' instead of 'Chris' in that 2nd paragraph...I'm getting bad with the typos.
I now live one block away from trumbull. you forgot to mention the little league team they are famous for.
Reb--Chris Drury is famous because he was on that Little League team that won it all. That's what I meant.
Drury and I went to the same high school, albeit a few years apart. His dad and my brother are friendly (or were, at least) through Mike's various hockey travails, now sacrificed for the almighty bong.

Nice folks.

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