Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quiz Gabe Kappa-ler

What's the connection between Rabbit Maranville and Dmitri Young?

Moving on, I feel like I want to do a media boycott right now. Theo comes back, and instead of, "Okay, let's move forward," it's nothing but "Well, can you tell us what was wrong, so we can bitch about it?"

I just have no interest in criticizing right now. Then again, I never felt like anything was wrong in the first place.

If I look at what all the writers are saying, I see how phantom trades are "imminent," and how everyone in the front office is doing the wrong thing.

If I look at reality, I see a really good team, and a front office who's biggest obstacle is having to keep stupid media people at bay, and then having to worry that they said the wrong thing, when, the whole time, they were doing the right thing. Theo's back, and soon we'll all be cheering for whatever new players we get, because they won't be scrubs.

I think I'm just going to read the news on, and the blogs I like, and that's about it.

Ya know, you are so right, Jere. I am officially no longer reading front office bullsh_t.
Instead, I was utterly taken by the story on page B4, today's NY Times (1/26), about the Dominicans who hang at El Nuevo Caridad to watch Dominican winter league beisbol. Fun article. The photo of the beisbol fans is focussed on Julian Tavarez, a relief pitcher who just signed with the Sox. The team the fans are watching is the team Tavarez also plays for in the Domincan--the Las Aguilas Cibaenas (tilde over the final n.) I had no idea several major league players play on Dominican teams in the off-season.
Next time I'm in NY, Jere, let's head up to St. Nicholas and West 191st.
I read the same piece this morning. Hey Mom of Jere.
"What's the connection between Rabbit Maranville and Dmitri Young?"

that's easy... they're both notorious for an over abundance of "spunk"!!!!!!
I'm silly enough to pay for espn, and I find the personal settings very handy. The latest news articles relating to my favorite teams are listed in the sidebar. I can look through the headlines and pick and choose things to read... and get plenty of news without ever going to the globe.

I'm really sick of everyone making such a big drama of this FO situation. Although we disagree on whether something was wrong before... the media's soap opera coverage of the situation was only believed and cared about by fans of other teams - oh and many of the low-IQ callers of WEEI, no doubt.
I think I'm just going to read the news on, and the blogs I like, and that's about it.

Totally agree. Many moons ago, the only place I read baseball news was on Then I figured I'd start reading the national (ESPN, SI) and 'local' (Globe, Herald) press to get a better idea of the view from the inside. Only I've come to realise that the view is more smoke and mirrors than anything else, especially in the offseason, where there are ten rumours for every real piece of news. So, back to plain old and the 2 dozen Red Sox blogs I read every day...
Jere, you started a mini-media blackout! That so great. Although I do have to read the 2 Boston sports pages on the Web. Naked without it. But no EEI or NESN (yet), although NESN usually reports on already happened stuff.
For the quiz, I'm going to go with the fact that Rabbit Maranville could have physically fit with Dmitri Young. Also, neither one belongs in the Hall of Fame, even though Rabbit inexplicably was enshrined.
that should have said "within Dmitri Young", rather than "with". But you probably could have guessed that.
I'm in on the boycott, Jere!

Although I read a Cleveland article this I'm a work in progress.
Rabbit Maranville and Dmitri Young both have the nickname "Da Meat Hook".

Great question!
I like your quiz answers, everybody.

This is a hard one.
Their birthdays are exactly a month apart?

I've got nothing.
If Andrew has nothing then we're ALL in trouble!

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