Friday, January 06, 2006

Opposite Of T.J.

When I think of new red Sox player J.T. Snow, I think, "Oh, Mr. Dunbar's prospect down at Columbus." Then I realize that was quite some time ago, and that he's 38 years old. But, hey, there's still hope he lives up to that potential I heard so much about 15 years ago.

Also, there's finally an article up at about Red Sox and American legend Jim Rice being on the Hall of Fame ballot. (Every MLB site has already had their yearly article on their former player who's on the ballot--even the Rick Aguilera article has appeared on already.) This has to be the year for Jim Ed. For those of you who pray to a deity, please put a prayer in for Jim Rice. Face it, your prayers about winning the lottery aren't coming true, so use one for a good cause. No, the ultimate cause. Giving Jim Rice the credit he is due.

I'll probably get filleted for this, but...

I wouldn't vote for Rice. I don't think he's a Hall of Famer by any stretch.

My ballot would be Blyleven, Trammell and Gossage by a hair. To me, the worst HoF exclusion ever is one Mr. Ron Santo, who is one of the 5 or 6 greatest 3B of all time. And he's not in. It's not right.

I think if Rice is going to get in, it will be this year. If not, he's never making it.
No fillet, no fillet. I think we talked about this when Boggs was getting enshrined.

I agree with Santo.

And Rice, he just ruled. Should get in on the amount pitchers feared him for so many years. I guess a lot of pitchers from the 80s say he was their least fave to face.
I actually think Dewey was a better player- better defensively, better OBP, more HR, fewer DPs, more RC, same OPS+ (128 JR, 127 DE) and Evans played 20 seasons to Rice's 16, with a FAR shorter decline phase.

I think the "most feared" mantra doesn't hold up, personally, just because it never was borne out versus the performance of his peers.

He's damn close though. He's the type of player that makes a HoF debate fun, I'll say that.
I don't know how many of you know this, but his decline in hitting for average was mostly due to his increasingly bad nearsightedness. During the latter stages of his career, he tried all different types of contact lenses, but back then, the soft plastic lenses with high water content that increases comfortability just didn't exist. You give him 20-20 vision, and he continues to hit like a madman, not to mention getting a better jump on the ball in cozy left field at Fenway. I went through the same thing, on a much different scale, with my vision, and it had much to do with eroding my defensive skills in the outfield. Now multiply that by about 1000.
I'm still waiting for Tram to get in. Why not, HoF? Have we not suffered enough as Tigers fans?
wasn't rice the last captain the bosox had up until they named Tek captain?

anyway...I am completely against the sox signing Snow. I am afraid to say this but I have a feeling Youklis could end up changing his name to Crash Davis.

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