Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Effin' Weekend

Click to enlarge. Look at the red sticker.

My friend Brian was down from CT on Friday, and I went up to his place on Saturday. While we were out on Friday, between eating at Grilled Cheese NYC and watching Vertigo on the big screen, I was snapping pics of basically everything, including the one above.

Brian and I exchanged Xmas gifts. He got me a shirt with the old Atari Football game pictured on it, and a chocolate milk mixer thing.

I got him the Bill Ripken "Fuck Face" baseball card.

For those unfamiliar, Bill Ripken once posed for a baseball card holding a bat. On the knob of the bat, in black capital letters, were the words "fuck face." It was most likely a joke played on him by his teammates. Then again, the words are face-up, so he may have been in on it. The people at Fleer must've known, too, to let it go to print. But when the big wigs found out, a black box was added over the infamous phrase.

I managed to find an original with the "fuck face" still intact.

Brian was happy with the gift, but noted that the only bad part about it was how the one person he would have wanted to call at that moment to boast about his new card was me.

Enjoy the Pats game?

Did you see Vertigo at Film Forum?

I think we're going to go see To Catch a Thief there tonight.
It was wherever they showed a lot of Hitchcock films last weekend. So, probably.

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