Monday, January 09, 2006

Midnight Madness

The national TV schedule is out. We've got a bunch of Monday games in May on ESPN, as well as Opening Day on ESPN2. There are a bunch of Fox Saturday games from June to September.

The August 12th game against Baltimore will be a killer, due to its unorthodox 1:20 AM start time.

My Anything Journal is still going strong, now into June '83.

how are we gonna do this year? I am really optimistic despite having a very week keystone pair (do we even have a clue who is playing short?), and no idea who is gonna play center. Since we have apparently turned into the Atlanta Braves (not willing to sign anybody, tryin to save some cash), is there any chance Trot Nixon might be in center? I know he isn't near as fast as we need, especially with Manny in left, but still yet. I just hope we don't bring up that kid from Oregon (an exact Johnny Damon clone) too soon. Let me know what you think on my new blog.

In the back of my mind I see this year bein a "rebuilding year", I just hope Manny and Ortiz can carry us to atleast a wildcard birth. Not having a GM has really hurt us this year IMO. We still have two very big question marks in both centerfield and shortstop. Not to mention Kevin Youklis is the closest thing we have to a leadoff hitter and unless he is playing in the middle infield he will be lucky to get 50 games under his belt now that we signed JT Snow and Lowell.
1:20AM? Leave it to FOX for this kind of deal. But think of the advantage as Tim Mc Carver will be one's version of Warm Milk.
I'd wager that the 1 am game is an ESPN one.
They changed that AM game to PM, but I'm hoping the change is a typo. 1 AM baseball would rock.

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