Saturday, January 14, 2006

Chan Puts The Fun In Funeral

I love the "it's your funeral" phrase. Especially when it's totally inappropriate. As in, "Hey, Chan, I'm gonna run out and get a Chipwich. You want anything?" "No, thanks." "It's your funeral."

It's almost as cool as "dead to me," which is gaining newfound fame on The Colbert Report.

Note: Don't read anything into the fact that both phrases have to do with mortality. Lay that thought to rest.

Or I'll kill you.

Days after writing of my plan to go to Fenway and yankee/Shea Stadium on the same day, a plan which can pretty much only be done on Patriots' Day, due to the Sox' annual 11:05 AM start, I got an offer for Patriots' Day tickets, from someone with no knowledge of my plan. So now it looks like I can actually do this. The Mets tickets should be easy to get, once they go on sale. I will keep you posted.

I'm already hoping for no rain delay that Monday morn at Fenway. That's the only thing that could muck it up.
I hope you get to fulfill your Patriot's Day fantasy! I've been to a few games on Patriot's Day and there's no better place to be than in that part of Boston!

We've been using the " dead to me" in my family for quiet a while. Usually, only in reference to athletes. Ray Borque, Pedro Martinez and Johnny Damon come springing to mind.

The latter leaving my four-year old niece to tell me the other day, "I'm sad Johnny is a Yankee...but he isn't dead to me like he is you and mama".

Ah, youth.

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