Sunday, December 11, 2005

Virtual Waiting Room Heaven

I didn't get the invite for Xmas at Fenway, but I was up early yesterday for the internet sale.

8:52: Wake up.
9:00: Enter virtual waiting room.
9:15: Buy ultra-sweet field box seats for a Saturday game against Texas.
Like, an hour later: Get 4 ultra-cheap upper bleacher seats for another Saturday game.

I've already got a 10-game plan, so trying for any Sox Pax was unnecessary. I basically just waited for my chance, then checked for the sweetest seats possible for that Texas game. Turns out I got through early enough to get field box. So that'll be my one game where I actually have good seats for the season. "Good" meaning "rich folks-good." My bleacher seats are great, too.

Then I opened another window, and just let it do its thing. Just before I gave up on it, it let me through. I figured it would be too late to get another weekend game, or 4 seats together, or any $12 seat-action. But it wasn't too late for any of those things. So I'll be way up under the message board with three of my luckiest friends for the Saturday May game against the Orioles.

The seating chart for Fenway Park has been improved. They added some info that you might never figure out from looking at the old one. And the new pavilion level behind home plate is represented on there. Those would be some sweet seats.

This post was way too serious.

Oh, here's something to lighten up the mood. While recently going through my old baseball card collection looking for Gedmans, I found a Topps baseball sticker of Jim Rice. It was from a year when they were really getting the most out of their manufacturing process, putting multiple players on one sticker-back. So there were these little tiny, I'd say half-inch diameter stickers. So I took this little circular Jim Rice and placed it over the power button on my laptop. Now I just press Jim Ed's face to power up.

Take note, Hall of Fame. Press Jim's face. Power up that hall with a Jim Rice induction ceremony next year.

I also put a Ralph Wiggum sticker over the apple that lights up on the top of the laptop. The light of the apple shines right through his belly, like he just ate it.

I Noticed that The Red Sox & Yankees sell their Tickets in December, whereas the Mets wait until February.

My latest FOX Saturday Baseball Satire is on my blog.
Damn. I got skunked on the tickets. I waited from nine until 1 o'clock without even getting a sniff of the promised land.

It was as long as I could wait since I had to actually go out and function as a normal member of society for a bit, and by the time I got back and tried again there were only singles left for everything. I'm hoping to try back every so often to see if any credit cards got declined and seats get released.

VWR is such a crapshoot. Last year I had a similar experience of getting in right away like you did.
so what do you think about this Roger Clemens boogie-woogie?
My VWR experience was like Edmund's. 9am to 9pm and I didn't get in. I tried again at 3am, and got right in, but there were only single seats left.
Sorry y'all missed out on tickets. I always figure when I get through that it must be because everyone else is, too. I guess I really was lucky.

Mom, I'll let you know my thoughts on Roger if and when that fatty signs.
I was too poor to even try for tickets. I think it will be a relatively Fenway-less season for me, which is fine, considering the tons of games I went to this year. I'll keep my cash this season.

Anyway, the big ol' volume knob on my computer has a sticker with Gary Coleman's face on it. Nice.
Well, our 10-game plan has a bunch of weekday games, which are hard for me or Pat to get to. So I try to make up for those by buying a few Saturday games, and then giving away the weekday ones. But then those weekday games come around, and I usually say "Eh, I can make it up there," and I just go anyway. At that point, I think, Hey, these tickets are already paid for, I'm not REALLY spending any money!

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