Thursday, December 01, 2005

Van B Boys

The Sox just got this dude, Jermaine Van Buren (shown here with the Iowa Cubs). I'm so psyched to have one of the Van B Boys on the team. I don't think he'll get to wear number 8, though. Remember to flash him the secret sign when you see him.

Also, I've got that movie of the crazy children up and working at Putfile now. I think it's easier to view there than at that other site I have it on.

It seems that he is a pitcher the Sox got for minor league player(s). I could only dig up stats on the 6 games he played in last year. Who is this man??
You're not flashing the sign, so I can't answer you.
All right, you were holding a soda, and accidentally flashed 8 fingers, so I'll tell you.

He's a polite Mississippian, a good guy. But on the mound, he's all business, even with his quirky motion and weird faces. Could have given up after several years in A ball for the Rockies, but the Cubs gave him a shot. One day, in the minors, they gave him the ball in the ninth, since no one else was available, and he shut the door, leading him down the road to closerdom.

So he'll try to get a spot in our pen, I guess.

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