Monday, December 12, 2005

TJs All Around

So I'm driving on 84, and I look over at the carpool lane to see a woman zipping past me with no passengers in her car. There was what appeared to be a car seat in the back, though. I only noticed this because she seemed to be attending to a baby at the moment she went by me, reaching back to give it a bottle or whatever.

Could this have been a ploy? Do you think she has a doll in the car seat, and just drives in the carpool lane, making sure everyone notices her reaching back?

Even if it is a living infant, does this really qualify as a "carpool"? Does the baby drive her to work on odd days?

What's next, a guy with multiple personalities in the carpool lane?

Or how about this: "You've made a mistake, officer. You see, god is my co-pilot."

So, Theo might be coming back, Manny might be getting traded, and Clemens might be back. All those mights and a quarter'll get you something something. A source close to a guy familiar with operations of the organization that tells this blogger what to write says that Jere is sick of rumors, and that you pretty much know his opinions and anything else he writes would just add to the nonsense of the newspaper selling contest that is the baseball offseason.

I remember reading somewhere there is a lady that is suing in court to have her ticket overturned because she was 8 months pregnant while driving in the car pool lane.

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