Thursday, December 15, 2005

Quiz TheTa o Of Rich

There was just a guy on TV named Manny Ortiz, getting interviewed about the possible transit strike tonight. I walk to work, so I'd be gold. Chan would have to get a bike, though. Scratch that--I just asked him what he'd do in the case of a strike, and he pointed downward, to imply that he'd work from home. Way to wuss out, Chan. Get a bike, dude.

Moving on. Quiz time. Oh yes, it's Gedman-related:

What Red Sox record does Rich Gedman share with Jason Varitek? (And no scrolling through my archives, because I think I may have mentioned this before.)

Abbey Road?
I was going to say that!
I didn't realize Abbey Road was a Red Sox record. Is it as good as "The Impossible Dream: The Story of the 1967 Red Sox narrated by Ken Coleman"?

I should get it. So, even if one of them has it, I doubt he shares it with the other, what with weeks having seven days and all. I guess they could keep in at Kelly Shoppach's house on Sundays. So I can't grant the point. If you can prove they do share it, you get the point.
Jere, I HAVE the Ken Coleman record sitting right here at home. Believe it or not. No recordings by Richie Gedman, though.

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