Friday, December 02, 2005

Quiz I Dreamed I Eta 10-lb. Marshmallow

What former Mets pitcher's name is inadvertently mentioned in the movie Anchorman?

Ron Darling
Correct. Very nice job. "Ron, darling..." --Veronica Corningstone
You calling me darling? Hope not. You can call me Al, or so the song goes. I have enough names anyways. Happy Sunday. P by 10.
You know, I never even saw Anchorman, but I knew his character was named Ron Burgundy, so I figured there was a good chance someone said "Ron, darling" to him at some point in the movie.
Dammit! I was afraid of that. I should have said "baseball player" instead of "Mets pitcher." But I'm glad someone cool got it, so...

Wait, I fully take back the "dammit" I want people to get my quizzes by piecing together things locigally, and coming up with their best guess, as opposed to someone going out, renting the movie, watching the whole thing, or worse, finding the script online, and going through it, just so that they can be the one who got the answer.

So, great job, AJM, 1 and a half points awarded.

Unless you were kidding around about not seeing it. Then you're back down to the standard 1 point.
Oh, and regarding your Gedmanquest, I did the same thing with Dewey Evans about 13-14 years ago. I had several of his early cards, including the rookie one, from when I was a kid, but I went to a few card stores to fill out the collection.

Five years ago I bought a game-used Fred Lynn Angels jersey on I really don't know why. Kind of a 'game-used' eBay phase for me.

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