Friday, December 16, 2005


Bill Mueller is officially a Los Angeles Trolley Dodger. Here's my tribute to Billy:

Man, less and less thought are goin' into these movies. But I just wanted to do something quick. I have another shot of Mueller doing a really cool thing. Perhaps I can make a movie out of that, too, if I can find it.

It's after midnight. The trains are still running, but there's no deal between the city and the TWU. So....why are the trains still running? Chan's trying to explain it to me, with no success.

Much like the Theo contract talks and this season's AL East race, the end has come, but everyone's still confused.

They made all these contingency plans in case of a strike. The deadline is here, there's no progress, but there's still no strike. Oh, well. Like I said, I walk to work. Terrible job, everyone.


They're only having a partial strike for now (on the still-private bus lines that aren't subject to Taylor law fines). The rest of the system is putting off a strike until Tuesday.
pretty good movie. i'd pretty much pay to see that

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