Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The J's

So the team known as the Jays is trying to stay true to its name. They got B.J. Ryan, and now they've got A.J. Burnett. You know, I hear C.J. Ramone is out of work. In fact, lets take a look at the new J's starting lineup:

What do I say to this?


Very funny post. That's some very serious money that JP Ricciardi is throwing around. I just hope, by the end of the day, David Wells has magically turned into Hee-Sop Choi, and Doug Mirabelli has morphed into Mark Loretta.

That first pic looks more like Johnny Ramone than CJ, but I'm probably wrong.

They all look like that, pretty much. But it's a bass, so it ain't Johnny.
Line of the day, on SoSH:

"Ricciardi is pissed that he was outbid for C.J. Nitkowski, but he's working on getting D.J. Carrasco in a deal."

Along similar lines.

Also, as the guy that told you all so when he said the Jays would compete this year, I have to say: I told you so.
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