Monday, December 12, 2005

GM Is Truly Outrageous

I just watched the press conference where Jed and Ben, or as I call them, Bed, were announced as co-GMs.

And I wish I had that time back.

This stuff is just utterly boring to me. Great, we have two GMs now. They're young, they're nerds. Fine. Just go to your office and get us some really good players. If you don't know how to do it, that's okay, as long as Theo's on the speed dial. Or whatever speed dial is called now. Extreme dial? XD?

Right now I'm off to see something with the exact opposite entertainment value from that press conference: A taping of The Colbert Report. The guest is Harry Smith. Not the worst guest you could draw. And his name rhymes with mine, so he's got that goin' for him.

And, no, I don't really call them "Bed." It's just the first thing that came to mind, and I felt I should give them a nickname. I'll have to work on a much, much better one.

The 2 new guys are just bookends to surround and buffer the place where the real power lies, and that is Lucky lardhead Larry (LLL). That's why we should get over the prospect of Theo coming back, because he does NOT want to report his every move to LLL. Who would? Use of the executive bathroom would be just fine with me. No..I'd want my own, with a shower. And a bar.
Peter--show me any proof of that and I'll believe it.

If Larry's in charge, then he's done an incredible job this off-season, just liike he always has with this team. Including hiring Theo, getting us a championship, improving Fenway.

I still just have no idea what anyone's talking about.
This goes back to what I said right after the Beckett move. IF Larry was in charge then and was the main author of that deal, then let him wield all the power he can. He gets results. I'm not anti-anyone...I like to see the kinds of things in player movements that have characterized this off-season so far. And hello to you.
P.S. I was a little discouraged about the lack of comments on my blog, but I installed a counter thingy, much to my amazment all by myself, so I know a handful of people are checking it out each day or so. I knew you were.

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