Thursday, December 08, 2005


Edgar Renteria has been traded.

What a relief for me. To have such a nice guy on the Red Sox but to be forced to hate him as a player due to his non-existent hitting skills, league-leading error totals, and nonchalant demeanor was really hard for me. Even with Jose Offerman, I felt like I could at least will a hit out of him. But Edgar was a lost cause.

I hope he succeeds back over in the bizzaro league. I won't even be mad at him if he's the NL MVP in '06.

There's talk of the Sox getting Julio Lugo to play short. This is a good example of the opposite type of player. I looked at his stats, and they look like Edgar's: .280ish with not a lot of homers. But when I think of Lugo, I think of a dangerous hitter who tries hard in the field. But, honestly, just seeing anyone at shortstop bedsides Edgar will make me very happy.

Boy you're quick on the draw, my friend. I just heard this and was posting on my blog when I went to your's. Who is the best candidate for SS now, Jere? And can I quote? And I would never sell anything in a comment like that douche bag has been trying. Also, in baseball world thinking, maybe calling me boss is not such a good idea. Some may get the wrong impression and think that I'm an overweight wrinkled once smart older man with 3 chins. The opposite is true. And no jokes please even though i left a HUGE opening for one.
Not that quick. See the comments on my last post for the moment where BSM breaks the news to me.

I will say, I was in transit while the deal went down. The weird thing was, I heard Mad Dog nonchalantly saying "Now the Red Sox will probably get Lugo to play short." And I thought, It kinda seems like he's talking as if Edgar really did get traded. Sure enough, I arrived at my mystery destination to find out it was true.

If they can get Lugo, and it looks like they can WITHOUT giving up Marte, I say he's our man. You know, assuming they can't somehow get Cabrera back here. Or Nomar, (he said, without a wink.)

But, again, anybody but Edgar. Anybody in the world.

ALl right, you're not the boss. Good call.
Thanks. The only BOSS is Bruce anyways. Take care and have fun playing in the snow tomorrow.
Jere, a heaping helping of Tejada would be a sweet pill to swallow. After reading GYS my thoughts turned to the sweet possibility. Hey, are you getting much snow? Oh, never mind, I can just put on the Today show and SEE your weather. Pouring snow here. And how unhappy/pissed are Boomer's and Manny's thought processes reeling right now. Wah wah wah, nobody wants me. At least our club did not stand for being ripped off, as most if not all of the possible trades would have resulted in. A BLATENT step down in equality. Let freedom ring!
On the numerous times I've watched NESN, & found myself yelling the same things at Rent-A-Wreck & Sveum, that I used to yell at Armando Benitez(None of it Charitable As You can well-imagine), I'm glad that he's gone. A Mets Fan I know, stated that the Braves got a great deal in getting Rent-A-Wreck. I went "Bwahahahahaha", over that mention.

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