Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Don MAJ-kowski

For Christmas, my mom gave my sister and I huge folders full of stuff she'd been saving from our childhoods. But you all win, because I'll surely be putting lots of cool stuff from the 80s online. Starting with this: My Anything Journal. It's from second grade. I'll let you know each time I put up a new entry.

In the meantime, I just watched my Huskers narrowly avoid getting their fingers fed to Sam's Wolverines. The refs seemed to be officiating their first game. But hey, it was the Alamo Bowl. We had a nice comeback, despite that no rules were being enforced. And the last play featured both teams running around in the parking lot, playing Chinese Checkers with beach balls to determine a final winner. It was wild, you should've seen it.

*incoherent growly noises*
As for the 1983 journal, this could twist into some good fiction (unless this is based on factual memory, which is even better) . Let the mind flow and the words will come unbidden, remembered or made-up. Am I on course? Look who I'm asking.
It's strictly a transcript of what I wrote in second grade.

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