Monday, December 19, 2005


I went to middle school with this kid who once came in to English class with blood all over his Wordly Wise book. When asked about it, he said his sister whacked him over the head with it. I think he later changed the story to one where he killed a mosquito with the book. God, I hated Wordly Wise.

Another time, in Mrs. Crowley's Science class, where the phrase "shut up" was forbidden, this same kid and I got into a little war of words in which he came out with "You're gay!" For some reason, I replied to this not with "No I'm not!" (but hey, it was 6th grade, who knew what would lie ahead?), but with "So are you!" Without missing a beat, the kid quipped, "Then maybe we should get together some time." This lightened the mood, and ended what could have escalated into a real yelling match.

These are the only two things I remember about this kid. He moved away and didn't go to high school with the rest of us.

The other day, while messing around over at the Internet Movie Database, I came across his name. Apparently, he's in the movies now. A lot of movies. Ridgefield, CT doesn't come up in his bio. It says he was born in Boston (plausible) and graduated high school in 1993 (my year), albeit in Plano, TX. There's a picture, and, if I had to make a life or death decision, I'd say it's him.

Also, he has a fairly unique name.

Are you ready?

T.J. Thyne.

Look him up. And if you run into him, tell him Jere said "TJ."

That makes two of us that know actors with _J names from childhood. I did some high school theater with a kid named BJ Novak, only to later see him on the TV - first as one of the Punkers on Punk'd and now as one of those dudes on the bad version of the Office that I never watch because a) it's not as good as the good version and b) I really didn't like that dude very much.
I once got in trouble for saying "shut up" in Mrs Crowley's class, and the only thing running through my head whilst she was berating me in front of the class was "shut the F up, Crowley." Looking back, I regret that I didn't say it out loud, as it definitely would've been worth the detention or whatever lame 6th grade punishment.
She gets a big TJ Thyne in my eyes for that whack policy.
my frinds were once friends with Patrick Renna. look him up. i'm sure you will recognize the brilliance of this young man.
Did Mrs. Crowley teach in Newton?
I knew a woman named Maura Jo in college. Once, she and I stood side-by-side making bagel sandwiches in Kenmore Square and now she's celebrating 10 years of acting on some crappy soap opera.

The J appears in the middle, in this case.
Crowley taught in Ridgefield, and that's the only part of her career I know about.

Renna-a scientologist. Oi.

Funny about BJ and MJ. Berrible Job and Merrible Job by them respectively.

I should have said "shut up" in Crowley's class, too. F Crowley. If my sister reads this, maybe she can share her thoughts on the shut-up-less one.

I think the most famous person to come out of RHS in my era was Kevin Peraino, who broke that story that made the cover of Newsweek, the one about the wife of a Taliban. Then again, we knew he was going places when he interviewed Danny DeVito for his educational access cable show in high school. DeVito was shooting scenes for Other People's Money on location in Ridgefield at the time. I wonder if his middle name was a J name, too. I think it was. Kerrible Job.
Too Funny. I was just messing around on internet an saw his name on someones page. I was like, woah, TJ Thyne. WHat a blast from the past. I had forgotten all about him but when i saw the name i was so happy. He was a super cool and witty kid. I remember him clearly. Then i googled him him for the hell of it and it said he grew up in Boston. ANd i was like, Oh. But it looks like him! look at his curly hair! That is him. If he had his glasses on it wouldhave been certain. Anyhow, out of curiosity i put his name in with Ridgefield ang get this blog. Too funny. Small world.

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