Friday, November 04, 2005

While Eating A Belgian Waffle

In the diner at the corner of Somethingty-first Street. Car pulls up to light. I notice the driver has backwards Sox hat with the now-common socks on the back, which is the front, due to the aforementioned backwards-ness. He notices my Old English B, and we give each other simultaneous thumbs-up. Chan rolls eyes, but dude's girlfriend in passenger's seat is very impressed, realizing what a special club she's marrying into, probably saying, "When I went out with this other dude, Nick something, there was no camaraderie between him and other yankee fans. It was almost like they were...robots. Let's move that wedding up, Red Sox Guy."

It's so funny watching Chan deal with this stuff. And, of course, after that car left, the next time the light turned red, the van that pulled up was driven by another guy in a Sox hat. Gold.

Beat Chan 14-5 in a darkness-shortened Wiffle Ball game in Central Park today. Actually, we would have kept playing despite the literal pitch dark, but a guy kicked us out. I shut Chan down in the first before picking up 3 in the bottom half. He, surprisingly, tied it at three, but I came right back with 5 in the second. He cut it to 8-5, before I scored 6 in what would be the final frame, due to getting kicked out.

Also, I'd like to go on record as being extremely pro-Johnny Damon. I really hope we re-sign him, and I don't think he'll go to the yanks. He represents the way the Red Sox play and act, and I don't want anybody else in center field or leading off for us.

Nick something? Not St. Nick- he's a Sox fan. Neurotic Nick? I think so.
I saw a girl in a Sox cap Saturday night in the Coldstone at 86th and 2nd Ave where you saw Tino and Posada. Too bad I was coming back from a nice dinner and didn't have mine on.

I drive my Yankee-fan girlfriend crazy pointing out all the Sox caps as we walk around NYC; she's constantly telling me that we're not a Nation. I tell her that if Manny follows Pedro over to Queens, NY will officially become Met-Town again, and that they'll start painting the traffic stripes in the streets blue and orange. Not that I want Manny to be playing for anyone other than the Sox next summer.

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