Tuesday, November 08, 2005

When It Rains It Snows

I have this They Might Be Giants hooded sweatshirt with a cartoon drawing on it. The drawing is that of a snowperson warming up to the heat of a pile of money on fire, while smoking and beginning to melt. I've been wearing it a lot lately. It's warm and comfortable, it's black, it has a hood, it promotes a really cool band, and it has an awesome freakin' picture on it.

A few days ago, I found out that some musical artist has a shirt on the market which is being banned at schools, because it implies that the wearer is selling cocaine. Guess what the shirt has on it? A snowman.

What are the odds that this weird sweatshirt I have would suddenly have the chance to be mistaken for coke-dealer apparel? Now I don't know if the long stares on the subway are just people studying the picture, or trying to figure out if I'm a drug dealer.

Another thing I've learned recently: When trying to get Chan to turn up the voume on the TV, simply saying "bring the noise" doesn't work. Maybe I'll keep trying until he asks me what I'm talking about. Chan totally loves when I do that.

I'll also come up with the next quiz soon. I'm trying to make them more and more impossible to get. Fun.

Meaning, a quiz I won't be able to answer? Good luck.
Bold words from someone who is already one point behind in the standings of the current Quiz Season.
My girlfriend has the exact same sweatshirt and wears it constantly. She says people seem to scrutinize it on busses, this may be the reason. I'll have to tell her to start dealing drugs.
I'm one point behind because I'm not coming to the blog every day. But the one's I've seen in time are the one's I've gotten. 100% of the time.
Nick, I bet you've got that yankees shirt that says "Numbers Don't Lie." Yet try to tell a person wearing this that the number of championships the Red Sox have won in the last five years is 1 to the yanks' 0, and they'll act like YOU are the liar.

So, to recap the standings: Ryan-1, everyone else-0, Nick-definitely 0, also.

Anyway, Ryan, that's cool that she's got the same sweatshirt as me. Any TMBG fan is a keeper. I'll be sure to contact you privately with the time the next quiz will be posted! (Nick, you realize that was a joke, right? I'm not Giambi. Oh, wait, you wouldn't get that joke. Uh, I'm not Matt Lawton. All quizzes are fair and square.)
And I also question your math. You've had Four Quizzes. I got two of them completely right, and one half right (or a third right). That should give me 2.5 points out of a possible four, unless you count that other quiz, then it's five.

I have a feeling the odds are stacked against me based on your poor math skills, but that's fine. I'll probably always be "one point down."
Nick, those were preseason Quizzes. The first quiz of the regular season, "Quiz Alpha Bits" was the most recent quiz. Sorry for any confusion. I'm really good at math. That won't be a problem here.
The Original "They Might Be Giants" movie, was shot in NYC, starring George C Scott.

In a diversion, the diversionary scene, was filmed in a NYC Pathmark Supermarket. I wonder if this is the same concept movie?
Don't know much about the movie. Only the band.

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