Monday, November 28, 2005

Wagner Power Painter

Sox to make offer to Billy Wagner?

First, Holy Shit! Then, this will take a fuck of a lot of money. Are we better off signing Damon? Yes. 4 years at $10 per, with an option optional. We do have a Foulke, albeit an unproven entity. And with Timlin and Motah ( deliberate misspell ), this is a stetch. Elongate your feelings when you have time. Two minds are better than one in most cases. Altough the power of the atom comes to mind.
Really? Hm. I don't much like spending that much on closers, since there's really only one Mariano Rivera, and while Wagner's been pretty consistently good, he's also 34... hrm. Even The Farns is younger.

Of course this could just be my Sox fan tendency to believe that every possible trade will come back to bite us in the ass at some point or another.
Guess not. He just signed with the Metropolitans; 4 years, $47 mm. Yikes.
Make that "4 years, $43mm". The 5th year is either a $10mm option, or a $3mm buyout.

I think "Yikes" still applies, though.

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