Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Voices In My Head

Well, Theo said it wasn't because of Larry, it wasn't about money, or the Shaughnessy article, there was no power struggle, they all trusted each other, he thought a lot about it, but he's leaving, the team will be fine, he will be fine.

Henry said it wasn't because of Larry, that he himself is to blame and that he even has to ask himself if he's fit to be an owner. He said part of the reason why they didn't try to sign Theo earlier was because he had a romantic notion that Theo would be his GM for the rest of his life. (Welcome to my world, John.)

As I sat watching (and later listening after ESPN cut it short), I thought about what people would think and say about this. People's minds seem completely made up that Larry is this horrible person. I'm still trying to find the hard evidence of that. The things I've seen from Larry have been: Him helping to turn this franchise around, making Fenway a lot more enjoyable to go to, hiring Theo, and giving me lots and lots of happiness.

I've been saying this the whole time, and when watching Theo talk, I thought, Okay, good, people will see it wasn't Larry's fault. But I quickly realized that this will all be seen as "damage control" and just not trying to stir the pot, since these guys have all been friends with each other for quite some time.

Sure enough, I went right to (puke) dirtdogs, and my thoughts were confirmed, as the big bitch called the press conference "48 minutes of nothing."

I guess I must be totally naive about this, because everyone else seems to know all this stuff about Lucchino that I seem to be missing. And I have no reason to defend him, other than the fact that he, along with Theo and the other owners, turned the Red Sox from one of the most made-fun-of entities in the history of the world into the champions of it.

This is all just my opinion. People I really respect are saying a lot of bad things about Larry. I have heard them all out. And it's not like I'm really mad about it, like Larry was a relative of mine or something. I just wish we could just be sad about Theo, and trust that the guys who brought him in will find a good replacement for the irreplaceable, without being so hostile. Again, I'm probably just being naive, and just so afraid to have a big fan revolt, and to see everything crumble to the ground. But I'm, like, 95% certain that everything's gonna be okay with this team.

After all, our Lord Theo said so.

I respect where you're coming from. At the end of the day, the only thing these people print in newspapers is whatever the person that's telling them the info wants them to print- Lucchino, Henry, Epstein- whatever.

My gripe is borne of an inference I've made from reading between a few lines, drawing a few fairminded conclusions, and looking at Lucchino's history in the league.

I thought the Lucchino-is-a-devil thing was a bit much for a while too, but there's some reason to think he's working against the best interests of the club here and then instead of for it.

Check out this site:
Maybe I just need to do a little more research.

I hate November drama.
That thing you wrote, the "I wish I didn't know about GMs and owners- just the players and who they were" thing, I mean... I was telling Erin, I don't think I've agreed with anything written about baseball on that level in a long time. It's so true. This stuff is depressing and makes me feel dirty.
In the 80s, it was "Carlton Fisk isn't gonna be on the Red Sox anymore?" And my mom was really upset, about him and Fred Lynn actually, and I also remember the disbelief of "Reggie Jackson got traded to the Angels." But that was all you knew.

In the 90s, it was "Duquette got rid of Clemens," and since I didn't live in Boston, I only knew that there was some weirdness, but that was about it.

And now, in the '00s, it's like I know every person involved from the player to the agent to the assistant traveling secretary and what they have for breakfast on odd Thursdays.

Much like pitchers need to turn around and start pitching more innings, the media needs to step back a little. But it's not happening.

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