Sunday, November 20, 2005

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Came acrosss this pic of David Cross wearing a Sox hat. Can this guy get any more world-ruling? This is from a site called The Apiary that has lots of NYC comedy stuff.

Here's the direct link to the thing about Cross. It's from a panel he hosted in the city in October featuring State/Stella types. Wish I'd known about that one. And I hope those folks don't mind me using that picture.

Nice 56-degree day today in New York. Red Sox hats were rampant, too. And I saw Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth down by Union Square. He has to be the celebrity I've seen the most in public. But when you hang out in Northampton and NYC a lot, apparently there's just no avoiding him. Especially since he's about 7 feet tall.

Jere, I'm suprised you would go after someone so similar to my own type...but I suppose we all do expose our inner desires.
With all due respect, Ryan, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
I was very afraid that would happen.

It's a David Cross quote from "arrested development."

You had to be there.
I thought it must be a Cross reference. But I figured it was from a Mr. Show or one of his comedy albums. I didn't even think about Arrested Development, probably since I've dropped the ball on it this season, missing every episode. You can go back a year in my blog and see how I'd basically review it every week. Terrible job by me this year. Good job by you quoting AD.
56 degrees! Bastards.
Wow, Thurston Moore. I saw the dude from The Streets this weekend with Mike, on the way to get my tattoo.
Why do I not know of this person. I'm a pretty well-read guy. Jere, who is he?? And thanks for stopping by my blog.... Don't mean to advertise. But only the best read you. W forever
Nice elephant, BSM.

W--David Cross is a funny man. I also was unaware of his awesomeness until fairly recently. He did an HBO show called Mr. Show with Bob Odenkirk in the nineties. He has comedy albums out, too. He's in the cast of Fox's Arrested Development. He played the dude from that couple that threw the party on the beach in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He plays a "rival" of Steven Colbert on the Colbert Report. And other stuff. Start with the Mr. Show DVDs and go from there.

Wow, elephants, Ws...let it be known that this is NOT a Republican blog.
He also did the mc-ing for Aimee Mann and Michael Penn back in 2000. Evidently, they aren't good with making one way surface chat with their audience so they hire a comedian to do it for them. The tour before, they used Jack Black. Cross was hilarious.
Interesting. I wonder if Chan knows about this. He likes Mann but is indifferent to Cross. Maybe I can play the Mann-card on him in my continuing effort to get him a-Cross.

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