Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Thanksgiving Tale

I was on the subway the other day, and I saw a Native American man. He looked a little like Gene Simmons.

Naturally, I felt bad, thinking of how an entire race or races of people can and have been wiped off the face of the earth.

I'm sure he wasn't thinking about that, though. He was probably thinking, "I sure do look like Gene Simmons," or, "Three more stops before 68th Street."

A stop or so later, I looked back in Gene's direction. It was a fairly crowded tarin, and another man had boarded and was standing right in front of Simmons. He was facing Gene, and wearing a hat backwards. So instead of the face of a living, breathing Native American, I was now staring at a logo on a throwback baseball cap--that of a wild-eyed, cartoon Indian with a feathers and braids.

I felt like I'd just witnessed the last Native disappear. Or, rather, turn into a misrepresented memory.

I guess it was good that the guy wasn't wearing the hat forwards.

Now it's off to see a bunch of people that look kind of similar to me and talk to them and pay half-attention to football and eat bread but not turkey.

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I'm in agreement with you about the Chief Wahoo logo. Never understood why more people weren't bothered by it; there's simply no way anyone can legitimately argue that it's meant out of respect as as a tribute rather than as a demeaning caricature. The current version actually isn't quite as bad as the original one from the 1940's:
And the really unfortunate thing is that this was the logo when the team was owned by Bill Veeck, the man who integrated the American League and seemed pretty enlightened in general.

On a Sox note: Beckett deal done, with Guillermo Moto thrown in our way for another prospect.
I actually wasn't sure if the logo on the hat I saw was a Cleveland Indians one, but after looking at that pic at that link, I think that was the one. It is ridiculous. When you see the current Indians logo next to that one, you realize how it's not any less offensive.
Where Moto goes, Papel does not!
Ugh, agreed about the Indians logo. It's... I mean, jeez, even the Redskins in football have a less offensive logo.

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