Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Silva Smells

Info has been released regarding the annual Christmas at Fenway ticket-buying event.

Take a look at the article. The first word of it is "T'is." This is not a word.

Who wrote the article? Bonehead Dirt Dog Steve Silva, of course. The apostrophe goes before the "T," guy. "'Tis" is a contraction of "it is." But hey, who'd expect a newspaper writer to know how words are spelled.

Then again, America does seem to have a problem with apostrophes. On the Red Sox official site, they've been repeatedly using the open single quote instead of an apostrophe for '06. Nobody can figure out that rule, for some reason.

Back to the article, I think it's funny how Steve has to talk seriously about things like where people can buy tickets and the "Red Sox Nation" card. He's always ripping the Sox for their leniency toward scalpers, as well as their discount card program. It must kill him to write that stuff...well, probably not when he cashes his paycheck.

One good this is that the sale is being held on my birthday, the 10th. 'Tis nice!
In a weird coincidence, 'tis my birthday too. Anyway, it would seem that the article has now been corrected - good to see that is reading ARSFIPT and correcting its grammatical errors :-)
Who takes Steve Silva, SERIOUSLY?

I do NOT!

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