Monday, November 28, 2005

Quiz Zeta-Jones

Name two of JJ Evans' catch phrases from Good Times. (Besides "...Dyn-o-mite!")

I was on that no I wasn't. But I see you have been keeping the TvLand Channel alive. Some of the episode do still stand up well. And no, no guesses, which is weird because I usually catch the 5:30 episode before I'm immersed in news. Later Eddy.
Oh, there'll be more GT talk coming soon.

Why am I Eddy?
Long story short, you are NOT Eddy. it's just one of those ways I am used to end a coversation or something, once in a great while. It just came out while my fingers were picking letters. Hope that makes sense. I thiink it might.
Proud of that spelling spell I just had. Take care.

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