Monday, November 14, 2005

Quiz TBGR Answer/MVP News

First, about Andrew's answer: I gotta figure Broadway Aleck Smith was named after, you know, Broadway, since he was born in NYC. And he was buried at Woodlawn in The Bronx (like the Fordham Flash). So you get a point.

The guy I was thinking of, though, was Boardwalk Brown. He was discovered playing in the sandlots near Atlantic City. Played in the early 1900s. Buried in nearby Pomona, NJ.

This just in--Ortiz comes in second to the decidedly non-clutch A-Rod. TJ. But it'll make Papi want to do even better next year, if that's possible.

Depends on who follows him in the order. It might be an impossible task.
Oh right, that whole thing. If Manny's not back, they'll get somebody. Even in a one-batter lineup, Ortiz would put up MVP numbers. Oh wait, then he'd bat in front of himself every time. Okay, even in a lineup where the next three batters were gibbons, he'd still put up MVP numbers. All right, next two batters. And I don't mean Jay Gibbons.

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