Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Quiz Delta Delta Delta Can I Helpya Helpya Helpya?

Jackie Jensen, Elston Howard, Don Baylor, Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, and Rickey Henderson are the only MVP winners to have done what?

Bonus point if you can tell me which one of them has a connection to Ghostbusters 2, and why.

Played for the Red Sox and Yankees?
No idea on the GB2 connection, though. Was Rickey ever on the cartoon or something? I'm guessing Rickey without knowing why.
You got it. Nice job. And it really didn't take you very long, either. (Much like Costanza with the new addition to the Guggenheim.) (And I know I've used that joke before, but I'm quite comfortable using and reusing it.)

As for the GB2 thing, it's not Rickey. Don't know why you thought of him...maybe just the way he and that movie kind of epitomize the '89 way of life?
In the German dub of the movie Dana's child Oscar is renamed to 'Donald'. A name shared with Don Baylor.
Ric--bringing up knowledge of the German version and tying it to Don Baylor gives you a point.

And no one will get the one I was thinking of, so I'm gonna end this now:

Elston Howard was buried (sorry to go back to this "buried" theme) in Paramus, NJ. On Venkman's TV show, his guest (played by Chloe Webb, aka Nancy Spungen in "Sid & Nancy") talks about her hotel-encounter with an alien, leading Peter to ask "So your allien had a room at the Holliday Inn Paramus?"
Although it should be noted that Baylor's full name is Don, not Donald. Still, you get the point.
As for the GB2 thing, it's not Rickey. Don't know why you thought of him...maybe just the way he and that movie kind of epitomize the '89 way of life?

That's it in a nutshell. You line those guys up and say, "which one's most likely to have worked his way into relation to a quintessential late-80s movie?" and I'm goin' Rickey every time.
Just my luck...the one time you give us a really easy question (and yes, I knew the answer to that one the moment I read the question...never understood why the Yankees traded Jackie Jensen away), I was traveling and didn't see your post until it had been up awhile.
It's getting to the point that possible G.M.s are avoiding the Sox like the plague. Thank you LL, you piece of crap (on a good day).
Here's what I think: the award is the MVP (Most Valuable Player), not the BAP (Best All-round Player). The award should be Big Papi's.
Mom- I agree.

P10/W- I still don't have enough evidence that it's Larry's fault.
Did you read the Forbes article that BSM posted over at RSN.net? It, coupled with the Gammons article, starts to point more and more towards there being serious serious dysfunction in the Red Sox hierarchy along with a huge trust issue. Larry's name does get mentioned a lot.

The articles also finally are putting the stake through the heart of the "privacy, it wasn't about Larry, I just wanted to dick around for a year for shits and giggles" excuses that never made any sense.
It's actually from Fortune:


I don't know, unnamed source's name gets mentioned a lot, too. Everyone should read it and make their own decisions about it, I guess.

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